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Son He Hongshen daughter of king.

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He Youguang (1949-1981), the eldest son of the king He Hongshen and his wife. 1981, 33 year old He Youguang and his wife Suki was killed in a car accident in portugal. The king's untimely death, sad.

ho ho, Hongkong and Macao merchants. The king of Macao He Hongshen and the two is Lucina's son, was born in Hongkong in 1976, graduated from the University of Toronto College of business. Since March 16, 2006, as international chairman and chief executive officer. It is also a member of the board of directors and members of the Private Companies in Hongkong, Macao and mainland china. In 2014, He Youlong with $3 billion 400 million for the first time on the 2014 of Hongkong's twelfth richest man Forbes.

" Youqi Ho was born in May 9, 1991, is king He Hongshen and concubine Chen Wanzhen's son, the sister of fellow why super lotus.

" He Youheng, He Hongshen and Liang Anqi are four of second children, is recognized as the "diamond bachelor". Have contacts with rich girl Chen Kexin. In June 2015, with the beam Zhengxin scandal broke.

Lawrence ho Kwan, born in 1995, Macao tycoon He Hongshen Liang Anqi three and four too. He Youjun is a mathematical elite, has been invited to participate in the "world mathematics competition" for two consecutive years in the world mathematics test Invitational award.

"He Youjia, the youngest son of He Hongshen, He Hongshen was born with four wife Liang Anqi.

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