Learning English is efficient, mastering these methods is right!

English efficiency method study

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Ms. Ceng Minmin (WeChat: zengminmin2013), alumni of Harvard University, member of Harvard University Asian Student Scholarship Committee, member of China Advisory Committee COURSERA, chairman of the American Association of independent Huaying education, education consultant (IECA) certification consultant, has published "ten years - a Harvard story girl". In 2014 the creation of a new footprint Study Tour Network (www.xinzuji.com), committed to China youth through various selection at home and abroad to experience the world's elite education courses.

Spring Festival is over, we all say that learning English has a shortcut, why your child has not found the right way?

practice spoken English, listening to foreign radio? Do not accumulate pronunciation, language knowledge, you can understand the pure English broadcast?

practice reading all day long to recite words reading? There are so many English words, so many books in the world. Do you have any?

practice writing, immersed in the sea tactical treasure? The disaster caused by flooding water you do exercises to say an immense number of books, here?

min teacher here and we want to say, bite the bullet and forced myself to practice listening, reading, while the spirit is commendable, but did not receive the desired results, the main reason is not to find the correct method of learning english!

the key to learning English

want children to learn English, cultivate interest is the right way to open.

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English teacher teach you to learn English should learn how? That's what the American foreign teachers say!

to improve the English reading ability of

in many countries began to pay attention to cultivate children's reading ability, reading international education also has a lot of valuable experience worth learning and reference.

min teacher compared several typical countries, see how they promote children's interest in reading, improve their reading ability.

English original reading in order to improve the English reading ability of children, the teacher to recommend Minmin a few books, these books in the United States dominated the students love books list.

, however, they are suitable for primary school seniors and children, too young children can not read the depth of the story, but also can not understand the historical background of the story.

after reading these books, children can learn more vocabulary, see the fields of knowledge, knowledge in the background at the same time, the development of their own interests and hobbies: reading original English with Chinese as simple!

learning English speech either speech or debate, let us insight into the critical thinking Americans and superb ability of speech and debate.

English language exam

want to study abroad, the first one is the language barrier: TOEFL, SAT exam, ielts...... The examination of various English mainly come in a throng.

, however, it is too hard for some children only 12 years old to let their children go directly to the toefl! What to do?

, in fact, parents do not have to worry about, the teacher to give you the popularity of children who are not suitable for young children to participate in the TOEFL exam knowledge.


if you are good enough, why not try this exam?

SCAT to help you open the door of Johns Hopkins University genius camp CTY!

" I have been a student for 1 years he said, listen to English radio, back of the 1 English words, but still can't get on the stage, English is always like that.

in fact, as long as the mastery of these English learning methods, or the use of free time to join the new footprint of foreign teachers in the classroom, it will be able to harvest the same wonderful!

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Learning English is efficient, mastering these methods is right!

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