This candy poison! 3 year old girl was fed by the father of the 280 water baby"

Parents children are things daughter

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Suqian Shuyang a young mother to go out to buy candy, mistook the colorful "water babies" as colorful sugar did not taste, Dad, 3 year old daughter to feed the sweets, until a bottle feeding to the end, her family found her daughter to eat is "water babies", then hurried the children rushed to hospital.

" on the left in the bottle colorful "water baby looks like colorful sugar, the right side of the

bottle is soaked for 3 hours after the water babies".

mom dad mistakenly buy water when the baby to feed the children miss candy

"I bought a lot of candy, did not think there will be a bottle which is filled with" water babies ", yesterday afternoon, at the Huai'an Maternal and Child Health-Care Center pediatric ward, the daughter mistakenly eat" water babies ", full of guilt between Vonnie mother speech. According to its introduction, 1 in the afternoon, she promised her daughter to go shopping to buy sugar to eat her out, so at home in front of a small supermarket, she bought many kinds of candy, she was holding a bottled water baby, that is like love daughter usually eat colorful sugar. Supermarket boss because busy reason, also did not tell her this is "water baby".

returned home, she began to do housework, her husband is responsible for feeding her daughter to eat candy. "The water babies" fell on the palm of the hand, a knife feeding, Vonnie mother told reporters, until she finished, she found a star, then pick it up in her mouth, not sweet, and very hard, spit out a look at carefully, she realized that not colorful sugar but "water baby". We also know that 'water baby' rapid expansion in the case of water, Xiao Xin mother told reporters that they immediately sent the child to the Shuyang county hospital, and then went to Huai'an Maternal and Child Health-Care Center for treatment overnight.

280 water baby is expected to be able to discharge all the day after

due to a bottle of water baby has been eaten by her daughter, in the end how much to eat, Xiao Xin mother is not clear. She asked her mother to the supermarket and bought a bottle of "water babies" as like as two peas back, carefully, more than and 280. Daughter suddenly ate more than and 280 'water baby', we know that was scared not light. "

" Xiao Xin to when there is no obvious difference, which shows that the water baby in its body has not expanded to a certain extent, "according to deputy director of the hospital pediatric physician Xia Shunlin introduction, when he saw the shot for the examination of the film when the small Yan, really terrified them, the stomach is dense spherical object the. But fortunately, in a timely manner, the child's stomach did not cause harm, toxic effects are basically not to worry about. The hospital recommended conservative treatment by drugs Vonnie promote peristalsis, and self discharge.

"examination showed that the 3 year old Xiao Xin's stomach is dense" water baby".

indeed, after taking the drug, that night, Vonnie out 10 stars have begun expansion of "water babies", Vonnie after each defecation, her family will be filmed using a mobile phone, and then to enlarge the picture, carefully counted "water baby number", as of 3 noon, Vonnie body "water babies" has been discharged more than and 200, the remaining estimated at 24 hours all the self discharge. In fact,

Hin these days in the hospital was also suffering ", Vonnie father told reporters, because of" water babies "water will be expanded, so can not drink, can only rely on the infusion necessary to add water, but also can not eat, but to lose nutrient solution to maintain nutrition, and then through the promotion of intestinal medication peristalsis and defecation.

in recent years, the children eat "water babies" news: It is often seen.

2016 in October 8th, Huaian 1 year old boy eating toys "water babies", the family is sent to the hospital in two days after eating children, the children not only acute mechanical intestinal obstruction, but also due to dehydration and unconscious, but the medical staff after 1 hours about the operation, smooth out a swelling such as table tennis size "water baby".

"water babies", these small toys in general as a grain of rice is about 2 mm in diameter. In the in water for about 5 minutes, these "water babies" began to swell, head slowly grew up as a toy gun bullet size. About 1 hours later, expanded to about 1 cm in diameter, crystal clear, feels small ball is very soft, very flexible; 4 hours later, a large number, with the size of marbles, up to 2 cm in diameter.

blister, "water babies" such as grain size.

blister, "water baby" diameter increased 10 times in.

, a reporter with the larger "water baby" to the Chemical Engineering Department of Henan University of Science and Technology School of chemical engineering and pharmacy of the hospital, Dr. Yao Dahu told reporters, this "water baby" is actually a kind of absorbent resin, the main ingredient is sodium polyacrylate, is a kind of water soluble polymer compounds

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