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Eight people strength role hand travel

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" if this week which game by game player's attention, Nintendo's classic Fire Emblem: Heroes strategy Mobile Games "Fire Emblem: Hero" is undoubtedly one of the burst point, adapted from the classic SRPG game series "Fire Emblem". In the Mobile Games shelves, launched a third wave of game craze in recent years Nintendo.

"Fire Emblem: Hero" is a free download, purchase props of the krypton gold card SRPG Mobile Games, "Fire Emblem" of ancient characters will emerge in which is as "Summoner" game player 11 conjuredup. The Japanese Mobile Games routine although the scary purse is emptied, but still attract a game player began to krypton gold, hoping to get the favorite popular role. The first real game about one hundred ancient hero card pool also were "Heroes" and "Legends of the hidden thoughts" two card pool, which can extract the characters are also different. In the two cards in the pool, respectively with four acquisition rate of "PICK UP" popular role, these eight characters will become the first phase of the "why" poster girl "? Let's play hall today to bring players to see their past life.

, a legendary hero's horse prince -- Ruth

" in the original works "dark dragon and sword" and "mystery of the emblem" in the shoulder as the Zionist hero Mallus, a blue dress and the blue hair styling very Japanese style RPG in 90s. Mallus's character is gentle and kind, fourteen year old is facing the fate of the nation he resolutely embarked on the difficult road of the zionist. Under the protection of the Knights of the horse is mature, Ruth personality appears to be naive, lack of political mind, but in the end still defeated the dark dragon is called "the king of heroes". Like many of the love story of the hero, to love very single-minded and Taris married Princess Hilda island. Mallus

" in the original is a balance of the captain hero, for a handful of heroes in the popular role. In the Fire Emblem: "hero", although the attack ability and recovery ability are good, there is a secondary skill can enhance the speed of the nearby teammates, but defensive ability and output is not the advantage, by the characteristic of the escape skills can be flexible to deal with the enemy.

Dragon Princess - Gigi

" from the same original works "dark dragon and sword" and "mystery of the emblem", by virtue of the dragon stone into the game in the most powerful role of attribute dragon Lolita peggy. The Dragon Lolita usually human child posture, very gentle vision of Marrs, called "brother". The actual identity for the late American dragon family, in combat can use the hands of the dragon stone turned into a dragon, become one of the strength of character.

" in the game while Kiki in late, but limited to the dragon stone scarce and can not play too much power, but the girl's form to bring a lot of popularity for its. Especially in the Mobile Games, after removal of the equipment skill set, with strong range of attack and resilience it can play the role of adjuvant therapy. It is worth noting that the "Fire Emblem: Hero" in Marrs and Luqina are held on special dragon weapons, it must avoid disputes encountered.


" from the "Fire Emblem: the awakening" original heroine of the male form, Lu Frey has a miserable past and the future of despair. In the story, the road was Fred amnesia "awakening" of the first protagonist Cullom led the vigilantes picked up from the back, and move together to grow, because good tactical strategy as combat command armies.

" can be used. In the original book and sword road Frei, has a balanced and excellent, served as a popular character into chaos "Nintendo" and "chaos flame" in 0. In the Fire Emblem: "hero", Lu Frey abandoned fencing, as Magister of occupation debut, its advantage is that no special attribute attack, and the ability is well balanced, the only weakness is that the wind properties of the mage.

" is also a "Fire Emblem: the debut of the awakening" in the figure, the masked "hero king" Marrs's name, the actual identity for actor Cullom from despair of the future daughter and through time and space to change.
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