Egypt a bus rollover caused 10 dead 38 injured are college students

College students Egypt bus University

tengxunjiaoyu· 2017-02-05 23:38:15

" according to Egypt's local media reported on February 4th, a bus carrying the Egyptian Alexandria University students on the bus in the drive south Sinai reached Cheb, rollover occurred in Nuweiba area. According to the latest news of the Egyptian Ministry of health, the accident has caused 10 deaths and injuries as of now, 38. (CCTV reporter Wu Aimin)

of Alexandria University the school, the students had planned to go to Sinai on vacation. The school said it had arranged for emergency personnel rushed to the area to assist the relevant departments of the aftermath of the work. At present, the injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment of Sharm El Sheikh international. Victims are also being sent home.

vehicle badly deformed.

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Egypt a bus rollover caused 10 dead 38 injured are college students

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