Effect of long term sleep deprivation on fetus

Pregnant women sleep fetus health care

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pregnant women, long-term lack of sleep effects on fetal

1, pregnant women lack of sleep caused fetal malnutrition in

pregnant women lack of sleep is a common symptom, many pregnant women think is normal and without attention. Of course, short-term insomnia, fetal growth and development will not be affected. However, the long-term lack of sleep, because of the symptoms of insomnia will continue to cause damage to the nervous system, digestive system and the normal operation of the immune system, thus indirectly affect the health of the fetus. There are some pregnant women because of insomnia palpitation, dreams to wake up, the day often looked tired, loss of appetite, leading to fetal cannot absorb enough nutrition, birth or body slightly thin malnutrition or metabolic disease. Lack of sleep easily lead to endocrine disorders in the body, leading to the development of fetal abnormalities are prone to.

2, pregnant women lack of sleep cause fetal malformation during pregnancy should be paid attention to while

insomnia and solve, but also improve the symptoms can not be too hasty, blind. There was such a pregnant woman, suffering from insomnia and long-term stability, resulting in fetal congenital malformations. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the insomnia during pregnancy, but it is more necessary to master the proper method for the treatment of insomnia during pregnancy or to treat the body without side effects. If the long-term stay up late, and can't sleep, and nutrition is not balanced, may affect fetal development, have an impact on future baby's growth will grow slowly, for example, child weight, kidney essence deficiency etc.. Therefore, the mother is the best rule or routine. 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. when hepatobiliary hematopoiesis, the pregnancy itself is a process of consumption of flesh, so if you stay up late, especially during hematopoiesis without sleep, it is easy to cause the blood. Pregnant mother and fetus are susceptible to blood deficiency.

3, pregnant women lack of sleep leads to miscarriage

pregnant women with insomnia, decreased immunity, serious will also suffer from immune system disease. Lack of sleep is easy to make pregnant women have a sense of fatigue, severe fetal abortion prone phenomenon. In the Department of Obstetrics, the immune system accounts for 78% of the abortion. Therefore, pregnant women insomnia, to some extent, will not cause serious consequences, but it is not a problem can not be ignored.

pregnant women, long-term lack of sleep because of the child, will be affected by progesterone, mood swings, easily happy and easy to get angry, even crying and laughing, unbelievable is that these changes are concentrated in 10 seconds, the pregnant women in the psychological and spiritual are at a sensitive time, sometimes sad, sometimes excited, often cause insomnia, even depression.

" after pregnancy, because pregnancy reaction and nutritional requirements of pregnant mothers will certainly change in eating habits. Like some pregnant mothers will also feel nausea and vomiting, make sleep quality is affected by. In addition, if the pregnancy is particularly good appetite and eat special food, affecting the gastrointestinal function caused by discomfort, natural sleep well. And if the old tea, coffee, fried foods and other interested pregnant mother, change the body's hormonal secretion, but also cause physical discomfort, causing insomnia oh. Of course, the night urine will not sleep well. While the frequency is pregnant mothers are most likely to produce symptoms because of increasing uterine and fetal head will squeeze the bladder, urinary, and this will become frequent urination, frequent urination phenomenon seriously affect the sleep quality of pregnant women, pregnant women lead to lack of sleep.

pregnant women how to alleviate the long-term lack of sleep

sleep, our body will reduce the body temperature through perspiration, natural perspiration can remove harmful substances in the body, but the face of the oil and sweat is the pillow and suck back, sleep in this pillow will also lead to vicious spiral growth of acne. So, not only before a thorough cleansing, should replace a pillowcase every week, and we should pay attention to the ventilation and sweat of the texture of cotton bedding.

with fetal baby increasing, pregnant mother foot burden is also heavier and heavier, feet fatigue or cramps, especially lower limb swelling or varicose vein of pregnant Mammy, sleep can be appropriate foot pad, to prevent leg cramps. It also helps to improve blood circulation. Therefore, regardless of the health of the baby from the baby, or the sleep quality of pregnant mothers, should choose the left lying. The pregnant woman should not do strenuous activities at bedtime or make you feel the excitement and fatigue that can be simply at a hot bath or hot water wash legs and feet, drink a cup of hot milk to relieve tension.

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