Worry more private mail flow alarm Beckham

Beckham private mail more

tengxunyule· 2017-02-06 05:43:46

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on February 5th, Beckham was recently exposed hacker e-mail content, many public spirited all is for the sake of knighthood, he later said through a spokesman, "the message content had been altered, and now" the latest development, he has been the police for help, fearing more letters are out.

according to the "sun" reported that Beckham's email was hacked, he fears that more private content has been exposed, the police for help, involving the private life of Beckham and his mocking other celebrity, the police have started investigation on his PR company headquarters is located in portugal. It is reported that hackers from 2015 onwards, Beckham stole the past 3 years of communication documents.

but there are users of twitter launched "#SirDavidBeckham" label, behind Beckham, that he not only contribute in football, for charity is to spare no effort, had a year of football so he definitely donate salary, are eligible for a letter.

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