Maggie Cheung: the goddess of short hair forever

Goddess Maggie Cheung intellectual short hair

juziyule· 2017-02-06 05:43:50

today you would like to introduce the oranges, although not a glance amazing crowd of great beauty, but also a little absolute TVB audience hearts position a girl -- Maggie Cheung.

19 year old Maggie Cheung starred in his first movie "3" and the true colour of a hero officially entered the entertainment circle, was a student sister.

5 years later, she won the Miss Hong Kong Campaign "the most potential performing arts award, signing wireless tv.

yesterday Marinated Egg to introduce Carman Lee's version of "The legend of Condor Hero she has starred in".

" when she played Cheng Ying, the same is received by a large audience.

" in the same year, playing a mysterious life experience, women still in "Hell's angels".

" orange Jun think she really hin for short!

2, "the new Shanghai" in Gu Qinghua, also is really amazing.

"Connie Chan in the" fellow sufferers do you remember?

" feeling that really speak the voice of orange Jun "img_box"

" and then continue to cooperate "and Gallen Law" blurred file.

" with "detective Li Qi", Maggie Cheung won the twentieth Century five most memorable female radio lead award.

" in the following year, she is the sister Ya disc strong home "in the role of Ganaiganhen in the opera" tea.

" in recent years, Maggie Cheung has brought us the deepest impression, or a number of "Golden Beauty" in anxi.

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