Nicholas Tse spell! To learn cooking arms full of congestion

Nicholas Tse Gore cooking arm

tengxunyule· 2017-02-06 05:44:45

" Tencent "East Entertainment News according to Hongkong media network" reported on February 5th, singer Nicholas Tse love cooking is a lot of people know things, he presided over the delicacy of reality show "12 Feng taste" has to take in the third quarter, before Nicholas Tse was set up in Beijing Feng restaurant cook hospitality.

but in February 5th he was exposed on the social networking site, the doctor said he could not stay in the kitchen for a long time! Nicholas Tse also uploaded a topless photos in the photo, he just finished the whole arm are fever, blood, Nicholas Tse wrote: "the doctor said not long in the kitchen, but if you want to in a short period of time to cook anything, perhaps this is the price?! Nicholas Tse also said to pursue the dream, never give up. Users have to leave a message after asking what happened to Nicholas Tse, and to take care of his body, there are users take the opportunity to leave a message, so it is good to sing a song to open it".

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