Why supermarkets closed down, convenience stores are getting better?

Better more and more convenience store supermarket

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Joe paper in the past two years, in the background of the domestic economic slowdown, the impact of the electricity supplier , rising costs, the retail entity model of aging has been in the difficult transition of winter.

2015, the retail industry has experienced five years the biggest closed shop tide, Wanda Department in the country about half off announced 90 department stores in Beijing; Parkson group after dongsihuan shop announced closure closed only a stores located in Tianjin; North JINGWAH hall a year to close 4 stores; best buy, still Thai department store even stopped China business district.

Beijing Technology and Business University Institute of business economics provides a set of data show that from 2012 to 2015, the country has 138 department stores closed, 262 supermarkets closed, the closure of 6209 sports brand stores. By 2016, compared with the booming e-commerce, physical retail industry is not better, this has been respected shopping model, it seems to have been unable to keep up with the pace of development. Benchmarking of foreign hypermarkets

Carrefour of France, South Korea, the United States Yimaide WAL-MART, Germany's metro, Taiwan RT Mart has enlightened Chinese retail industry, it is difficult to reproduce the past glory.

however, small beautiful convenience store is on the contrarian rise to the downturn in the retail industry to bring a touch of color.

turned to the convenience store consumers to accelerate

recently, management consulting firm Bain and Kay degree of consumer price index for fifth consecutive years issued "how to grasp the double speed line in 2016 Chinese China Shopper - shoppers report series two" shows that the first half of 2016 the line of FMCG sales slowed to 1.5%, and negative growth.

but not the line retail as a The whole army was wiped out., buy and go and become a one-stop ticketing channels from life to bill payment service, convenience store sales compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 13%, its steady growth and the traditional stores and supermarkets low-spirited contrasts.


source: twenty-first Century economic report August of this year's survey also showed that nearly 40% of the convenience store sales grew more than 10% in 2016 to maintain a good momentum of development. According to relevant estimates, 2016-2020 convenience store sales growth in 8%~10%, the growth rate was significantly higher than other formats.

2016-2020 Chinese department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and appliance chain sales and growth forecast of

number by the end of 2015, 62 convenience stores enterprise total number of stores to 8.3 million, an increase of nearly 1. 2016 convenience store penetration (in the total sample of the survey, the proportion of the use of a certain category of products or owners) rose from 32% in 2015 to 38%, higher than the net purchase of 3 percentage points.

sales volume of , according to the 2016 convenience store chain in the big data Industry Research Institute released the 2015 finishing, China convenience store industry sales volume, an increase of 7.6%, in the format of (the first department store supermarket + -2.4%; 3.9%; +0.5% appliance chain).

is expected that in 2016 the scale of Chinese convenience store market reached a record 100 billion yuan, but the more exciting figures may not come: in Japan, convenience stores and supermarkets market share ratio is about 54%:46%, China this proportion is now roughly 8%:92%.

a few years ago did not hear the sound of convenience stores suddenly become a hot market pet?

aimed at the ultimate convenience of young people

young people love and sought after is one of the reasonable reasons to explain the rapid growth of convenience stores. According to a survey of young people under the age of 35, the number of convenience stores they visit has exceeded that of large.

" at present, 80, 90 after the consumer has become the main consumer groups, their consumption values and before 60, 70 are very different, the young generation to pursue is convenient, fast and with a fragmented consumer. The location and convenience store completely coincide.

behind their changing consumer attitudes and consumer habits, is a profound change in the way of life. The , driven by the consumer to upgrade the , China household disposable income in 5000 yuan / month 8000 yuan / month "emerging middle layer" and 12 thousand yuan / month 22 thousand yuan / month "in the" rising proportion of population.

consumption characteristics of these two groups is not sensitive to the price, and the shopping experience, consumer scenarios, consumer experience has a higher demand. The

, with the accelerated pace of life, many people's consumption time of "fragmentation", the time cost has become the focus of a lot of people think, they are more willing to spend limited time in culture, entertainment, leisure and other fields.

even a bottle of water than a large supermarket convenience stores, electricity supplier about 10% of your money, but this is an effective real-time consumer experience can not be achieved in other formats. A convenience store next to the

most is the Kanto

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