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method and skill of

1, the method of fetal education fetal education is generally in the evening before going to sleep would be more appropriate, available radio play, can also be placed in the corresponding position of the microphone fetal education, maternal fetal abdominal wall head. Fetal education should choose gentle rhythm and smooth music, gentle, without music lyrics. Can simultaneously touch fetal education when the fetus feel gently stroking the mother, it will cause a certain conditioned reflex, arouse the enthusiasm of the fetal activity, form a good tactile stimulation, so as to promote the coordinated development of brain function. Note that the action must be gentle.

2, fetal education skills

so far, China's failures also rarely see fetal education. But some cases have also attracted the attention of experts. If the mother is reflected in the psychological consultation, through the music of their children after fetal education, although the smart and lively, but energetic, not always love to sleep. Asked about the specific method that maternal fetal education, work more busy, and are unwilling to give up the chance of fetal education. So the daily time will be placed in the abdomen fetal education. Sometimes my mother fell asleep quickly due to fatigue, still continue to stimulate fetal fetal education, it is very difficult to guarantee the timing and quantitative. That The more, the better. practice act with undue haste. A biological clock that might interfere with the fetus. In addition, the quality of the tape is critical for fetal education.


can sense the fetal fetal education to hear her mother's voice, scientists confirmed that in some voices, the fetus displayed on the instrument to the heart rate, between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will be about 80% of this type of reaction to about 40 weeks of pregnancy, almost all of the fetal heart beat a little faster response to sound. The fetus has different response to different voices, they love the mother's voice, chirping sound of birds and the wind chimes sound. If you can talk to the fetus in a gentle tone, your voice can make the fetus safe.

is the best maternal fetal education, when the mother, the most need you give is love and patience. From the fetal body in your "root" of the day, you can "talk", and he used the language of love, filled with feelings of love, love of information transmission. Like a newborn fetal heart bud ", and" heart like mommy to cultivate bud "and" heart like mommy to cultivate bud "earth, to make the fetus has the most complete love, father to gentle and considerate love to treat pregnant women. Keep in touch with your baby and let him have enough love every day.

months of pregnancy can do

fetal education generally after four months of pregnancy the baby almost has been formed, can be appropriate for science that fetal education, fetal education be a certain role, but did not particularly clever what will become baby fetal education, mother or appropriate to do of these, the scientific guide is good. Also note that is mother doing fetal education when to maintain a pleasant mood, what appropriate move, pay attention to nutrition problems of its own, to achieve the balanced collocation, can not eat the diet.

want to do fetal education, you can start from the following aspects. Eat more nutritious food, women in pregnancy must eat more nutritious foods, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus. Listen to some soothing music, such as Beethoven's Moonlight song is a very suitable for pregnant women to listen to music, it can cultivate the sentiment of the fetus.

now people pay more and more attention to the mental development of children, especially pay much attention to family education, from the beginning of pregnancy when the education of children, the baby in the first three months has not been fully developed, so it is not meaningful to the fetal education. Note

avoid excessive fetal education or improper noisy music; do not give your baby to listen to over noisy or improper music, she doesn't love to hear high frequencies of sound waves. Avoid the rhythm of music too fast, too fast rhythm will make the fetus nervous. Avoid the volume is too large; too large volume will make the fetus uncomfortable.

music T avoid fetal education long, 5 to 10 minutes in length is more suitable, and let the fetus listen repeatedly, can cause the appropriate stimulus expert explained until birth after hearing the music there is a familiar feeling, can to have a sense of security as to the newborn baby in the womb, has a good effect to appease the baby mood. The fetus of 3 months up to 3 years of listening to classical music and see the world famous paintings, will have a significant impact on the baby's life, good things around, bad things are exposed.

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