14 years ago, the first generation of Internet cafes began to transform

Three way generation years ago

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" from the Internet to Internet cafes, Internet cafes, to Internet cafes, gaming hall + + living museum, from the "filthy" synonymous to the trend of "entertainment" … … Guangzhou Internet industry has been in the way of transformation, the future will continue to transition. The 39 year old Mr. Zheng Guangzhou city is the first Internet cafes to get the business license of the operator, in the past 14 years, the development of the Internet industry in Guangzhou after several ups and downs, the decline from the crazy, and then to the transformation of Pathfinder, Mr. Zheng in the Internet industry change.

in the past 14 years, Guangzhou Internet cafes industry has experienced what kind of story? Where is the future road? Recently, the reporter interviewed the development of the Internet cafe industry changes.

Internet cafes for 14 years: after several ups and downs in transition

Guangzhou first batch of Internet cafes probably opened in 1998, after a few years, Internet cafes in the streets opened up. Zheng told reporters about the development of the story of the Internet cafes in Guangzhou.

"first impression people in Internet cafes are a The atmosphere was foul., negative words. 2002, Guangzhou began to send Internet license, then began to have a standardized Internet cafes. Mr Cheng told reporters.

benefited from the standardized operation, followed by a few years, the Internet cafes in Guangzhou has entered a golden period of development. Until 2008, Guangzhou Internet cafes into the low tide, Internet cafes consumer groups sharply reduced, coupled with the government began to promote the real name system, some consumers do not accept. 2010, Guangzhou began a number of Internet cafes closed.

"in 2012, consumers generally accepted the real name system, coupled with the Internet cafe operators in the low tide of machine equipment and site decoration were upgraded, Internet cafes consumer market began to pick up. Mr Cheng said, "at that time, several electronic games hot led Internet recovery, games need more than game player online at the same time, desperate to save the operation of Internet cafes.

2014, a new concept of "Internet cafes" across the Guangzhou, many Internet cafes began to smell the new business transformation, Internet + cafe also let the first transition have tasted the sweetness of Internet cafes in Guangzhou into the "Internet cafes" intensive era, "the transition will not die".

now, with the Internet as "Internet cafes" flocking transformation Internet industry and return to the plain. "Everybody's on the same track again. Zheng said that in 2017 will be another watershed in the Internet cafe industry in Guangzhou, the road is still far from the end of the transformation of the Internet cafe, then, who is more advanced than the thinking, the concept of advance, who is more innovative! "

of change:

" equipment replacement and faster! "

1. consumer groups

" I just opened the Internet cafes, Internet cafes to the majority of workers, and now the company staff, game enthusiasts, as well as some white-collar companies. Mr Cheng said, "first, to the Internet most is watching movies, Internet cafes to play QQ, now is the main social recreation, play games.

2. consumer price

in the past 14 years, consumer prices rose less than doubled. 2003, I operate Internet cafe is 2.5 yuan / hour start, and now the membership price is only $4.5 / hour! "Mr. Zheng said that Internet cafes are extremely sensitive to the price of a group, consumer prices have been very stable Internet cafes.

3. equipment to update the

so that some of Mr. Zheng lamented that now the Internet cafes to update faster and faster computer equipment. Now, the computer will replace all 3 years, keyboard, mouse, but also a year to change. If you do not change, next to open a new Internet cafes, equipment is certainly more than your new, consumers will follow the run. Mr. Zheng said.

continuous equipment update also allows operators to eat some. 2003, a set of computer equipment in general more than 3000 yuan, and now a computer to $six thousand or seven thousand, only a mouse and keyboard to a set of five hundred or six hundred yuan.

status: Internet cafes play type three shares transferred "torrent"

first "torrent": a cyber cafe life Museum

is located in Baiyun District of the new street is located beside you, whether it is the living museum decoration or configuration, services are called "luxury".

this one is different from the leisure shop, is completely different from the traditional Internet, customers can playing online games, online shopping, watching movies, playing games, reading, and can enjoy the delicacy. The Internet cafes decoration for the European Renaissance style, one is arranged in the electronic game area, competition arena, phone booth style rooms, studio, viewing lounge area … … whether it is decoration, or partition, is now popular with the young people.

the one responsible person said, here almost every day is full, especially around 8 pm, workers after work will come here to relax.

second "torrent": the gaming hall

gaming game hot, also let the "one + gaming collective outbreak in Guangzhou recently. It is understood that the electronic athletics is a sports project officially launched in China, it can exercise and improve participants' thinking ability, reaction ability, eye limb coordination and willpower, cultivate team spirit.

also has one such distinctive characteristics in the decoration, mainly in blue color, made of glass, ceramic tile, "create a foreign planet. "A staff member said that these Internet cafes use Apple computer, large size curved screen, keyboard, headset, mechanical professional gaming chair, known as a keyboard will be 80

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