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shot will be pregnant

1, don't shoot will be pregnant

sex between husband and wife in the whole process, the sperm are actually always missing, not to say when the last shot out of the pull out can not be pregnant. However, no condom is pregnant also did not say for sure, no shot can be pregnant, if your body is normal, the menstruation is very regular, sperm survival rate is very low, chances of pregnancy of each sex is relatively large.

experts say that pregnancy is a combination of sperm and eggs, and it's impossible to conceive if a man's semen is not in your vagina. But it is not to say that in vitro ejaculation will not be pregnant, because before ejaculation, sperm has been left in the vagina, so it will be pregnant. Of course, the relationship between the survival rate of sperm and individual sexual function is not very strong. If this time, I hope to be able to pay attention next time.

2, pregnant

signal menopause, menopause is the first sign of pregnancy. All sexually active women should remember their menstrual dates and use the calendar to mark them. In general, if the menstrual period of a week, it should be suspected whether pregnant, to the hospital for urine HCG to determine whether pregnancy. There are very few women, although already pregnant, but at the time of menstruation, menstruation is still one or two times, but to less blood than usual, the date is shorter, which in traditional Chinese medicine called "leakage", the real reason is not very clear.

temperature rise, the basic body temperature is more than 6 hours of sleep, wake up motionless, do not eat, the body temperature measured in a quiet state, is also used to determine an indicator of pregnancy. Effect of progesterone on pregnancy after pregnancy due to the central body temperature, body temperature will continue to maintain at a high level without falling.

3, early pregnancy test paper should pay attention to the use of

test paper if the storage time is too long (more than 1 years) or the test paper is not properly stored (such as damp), it may be invalid, prone to false negative results. If the beginning of pregnancy, or the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, the level of HCG in the body is generally low sample to be tested and set aside for 3 minutes or more, and must be careful to identify whether there is a weak positive ribbon -- the detection zone appears only faintly. The latest

contraceptive method which

female condom for the first time to use the female condom, should be put into practice in vivo. You can lie down, or sit with your legs apart, or put one foot on the chair. Advantages: no need to wait for the penis after the erection of the penis, women can freely decide when to wear in the sexual process, suitable for experienced. Female condoms can reduce sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS virus. A male condom is more effective to prevent the spread of germs.

foam contraception, before sexual intercourse can be sprayed into the vagina. Contraceptive principle: the destruction of the surface tension of sperm, thereby killing sperm, while the foam filled the vagina and cervix mouth, greatly reducing the activity of sperm, to further prevent the combination of sperm and eggs. Advantages: the foam also has lubricating function, can greatly improve the sex appeal.

a menstrual cycle of a contraceptive patch usually 4 weeks, that is, 28 days in. The use of contraceptive paste should be started in menstruation that day, every week with one, and the 3 consecutive week in the replacement of the same day, fourth weeks for the withdrawal period. Contraceptive patch can be affixed to the buttocks, abdomen, the back of the upper body or the back of the forearm 4 parts. Updated within 3 weeks, each time you need to paste different parts. Disadvantages: the incidence of thrombosis is 3 times higher than that of the drug, but many women ignore the potential danger. What are the side effects of

contraceptive vomiting: the incidence of different drugs, levonorgestrel about 5%, about 1% of mifepristone. It is generally believed that taking medicine at the same time or taking medicine before sleeping can reduce the incidence of nausea and vomiting, but there is no exact clinical data. Nausea: the incidence of different drugs are different, among which the lowest is 6% to 7%. Nausea generally lasts no more than 24 hours. Irregular uterine bleeding: some women will have vaginal bleeding after medication, generally do not need to deal with.

weight gain and pigmentation, foreign experts also found that minority women in the long-term use of contraceptives, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal spasm, skin spots will appear, elevated blood pressure, vaginitis (especially Candida vaginitis), edema, skin macular or melanosis, drug eruption, weight increase or decrease, breast lesions (increase, galactorrhea, tenderness) and other side effects. Menstrual disorders, oral short acting contraceptives, a lot of people to reduce the amount of blood. But if the volume was significantly reduced, even for 2 consecutive months of amenorrhea, you should stop taking the pill, using other contraceptive methods. If sustained amenorrhea occurred a few months, should stop the medication in a timely manner, and to the doctor for help.

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