Desperate children, these words make people feel chilly mother-in-law!

Children old life people's hearts mother-in-law

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a woman is really very tired, change not only to endure physical delivery in pregnancy in October, that moment to endure the pain of piercing. I think that after the birth of a child, the husband and the family will be able to take care of a happy life, but found himself married after feeling like an outsider. The main reason of

" the cause of this feeling is because the family has a good mother-in-law, mother-in-law sometimes sounds really makes people uncomfortable, say this a few words below the mother-in-law's love to say, listen to the daughter-in-law heart.

1, "this is my home, obey my rules. "

"I married into your home, but you do not house slaves, I don't owe you anything, but you owe me very much. So I don't have any obligation to obey you!

2, "my son doesn't come back, let's eat! "

this simple behavior, how much do you know? I don't care about the stuttering, but the emotional identity.

3, "now young people how so fragile, we are pregnant then Linpan two days ago still work! "

"to ask about, when you go to work, need to work an hour crowded subway, crowded work for an hour? Go to work for 8 hours in the brain to tell the running state?

4, who have children do not suffer ah, is a woman too. "

can't deny what you say is true, but when I was in bed half alive in pain, I want is love, rather than ideological work. This truth will only make me feel that you are indifferent.

5, "it's really hard for my son! "

"when I was thinking of all the children unable to continue to work the company was dismissed in a serious depression, but hear you say I do not earn a and laws, put all the pressure to you, the son of a man.

6, "the next Pharaoh a second, or you have another? "

a child you do not give a hand to the second, I want to die out? You have a life, also feel the household, you feel burdened with the huge pressure of mortgage, car loan, baby, family, please a nanny?

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