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According to the

IT home message, a new Win10 version of "Windows10 Cloud" by foreign media disclosure, even install image are Russian Wzor friends who broke the news to SkyDrive. After careful verification, this version is very close to some extent the death of Windows RT, because they are unable to run Win32 desktop applications.

Windows and RT is different, Win10 Cloud is essentially the full version of Windows10 there is no difference, because it is only Microsoft seal Win32 program running ability, Cloud can "unlock key upgrade and upgrade to the full version. And foreign media sources said that the version may be free to OEM, which will significantly reduce the cost of Win10 low-end tablet, to provide more favorable conditions for such products.


program to run the ban that in general, such as "castrated version" or "basic function" version of the software products are free, which has become the routine, but many users do not feel what's wrong with that, because the majority of ordinary users have these basic functions in is enough. But the reason why it is called free routines, because there must be a part of that is not enough, enough people still make money?

Win10 Cloud "and the full version is packaged in a mirror in the

who are willing to buy

take Win10 Cloud, the" cloud "system can only run the store application. Although the Win10 store is now much richer than the original, but in many cases Win32 program is still the main embodiment of productivity, can not be very painful. If you try to run Win32 in the case of unsuccessful, in addition to prompt you to run outside the system, you can also give you point out a "way out" (there is no following tips, here only to illustrate the feasibility): as long as the purchase of the upgrade key can experience the full function of the full version of Win10… … presumably everyone see this routine many, but certainly someone willing to estimate "sets". There is a situation, since the Win32 program can not run, then the user will follow the prompts to guide the store to buy UWP version of the application (see Figure second in this article), these two cases are rich Microsoft.

of course Qian Shu really shake this part of the revenue should be all comes not from the "cloud system", and in part from advertising. Advertising has become commonplace in the Win10, and appears to be more native English version of the "arrogant" some. But touch the conscience to say, Microsoft's advertising and promotion behavior in most cases is not very abnormal, and at least some domestic software vendors are not comparable, but there are exceptions, such as when Microsoft "forced" Win7/Win8.1 users to upgrade Win10 (Microsoft this level of manufacturers like the master nuclear power button generally speaking, people will not press, but if you press, really trouble) … … so, at least from the 15019 and 15025 update leaked creator preview version, Cloud version does not allow ads to more crazy, but at least it should be pushing mechanism and the full version send ad no difference. Therefore, even if the system is free not to upgrade, Microsoft can also be installed from the huge number of push advertising fees earned. To say the license fee system is the "short-lived business", the advertising fee is shaking Qian Shu earning large quantities of gold each day.

" and the macro point, in addition to a variety of price tag licensing and easy for users to ignore the cost of advertising, the Windows platform itself is a showcase of Microsoft products, it attracts you to buy the use of a variety of Microsoft products, especially introduces the application this store mechanism, advertising becomes logical thing. The Win10 Cloud can only be purchased and downloaded from the store, the store's advertising effect is more obvious, which is obviously a big business opportunities.

mutual benefit from the change of Win10, Microsoft seems to have found a more profitable model, but these models now also did not let users have too much resentment. IT home, there must be a balance between the charging mode and flexible profit model (the advantages) can let both sides accept, hope Microsoft to find this point, and apply it to Win10 and other products, make it become a kind of let users care routines, allowing more users to enjoy the new technical achievements.

"the magnet existed, but many contents are advertising, not installed applications

IT Home Tips: Win10 advertising is not easy to detect, because they are usually disguised as well, and Microsoft is also provided a switch of conscience. Specifically, the recommended application of the start menu magnetic stickers, Windows focus lock screen interface tips are advertising, and foreign media also found

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