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Circle of friends Zhao Lei debt entrepreneurship

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life is like business, in fact everyone's life is like entrepreneurship, walk yourself think is the right way to do something that you love along the way there is joy, sadness. So is

the protagonist Zhao Lei, with his voice, and offer the best ballad, last night is to stand on the stage "singer". If you ask him and entrepreneurs common place is what it is the dream of infinite vision and yearning.

attended the "singer", Zhao Xiaolei fire

worried about his fans had become cannon fodder in Post Bar incense "pleaded with him not to go, but also a group of people, listening to last night's" Chengdu ", it is useless to paste the nose tears face.

is the song "Chengdu" or "Chengdu", compared with the site and before the release of the single, and there is no innovation what amazing, even the last sentence of the little girl boys are as like as two peas can be said to be a replica of the album.

but it's enough for a partner who has put him in the heart, and never really knew him. For

, the scene before the concert, Zhao Lei glanced at the accompaniment of the children with his usual gentle eyes, smiling.

look familiar to those who fear his song again "indiscriminate Street" people eat a reassurance. The habit of closing eyes Zhao Xiaolei singing, even more and more people know, still laughing like a shy big brother next door.

last night, he was destined not to be a poor boy, but still the only singing children.


I want to set off a "new wave" Ballad

if the musicians began into the underground passage from 2003 onwards, this is Zhao Lei's fourteenth year career began. How many years compared to the more famous singer, he is not too proud horseshoe disease, in folk tepid, Zhao Lei faces all the folk singer shared embarrassment, want to keep the true self, refused to mainstream Guozao, at the same time in order to survive, to put yourself in front of.

he's not a man of words. In the face of a stranger, not the best deal and mellow expression. Before the "events" in the sound, Zhao Lei accepted Taiwan talented Chen Shanni interview, in the air from time to time when one awkward atmosphere, even less than he felt comfortable at the livehouse site.

"he's an old soul in a young body. "At that time, Chen Shanni said that he was shy. In 2010, he went to participate in the happy boys, Ao however reluctantly agreed to the director group dance, the lens at the table, but can't find him. Later, according to media reports, he recorded second times and ran away.

but when he picked up the guitar, he became relaxed and even proud. Even in men is a whim, "I want to play". Stop 20, boy released "new wave to my heroic utterance, a ballad".

did it, and in second, he released his first album, Zhao Xiaolei. This let Zhao Lei back 600 thousand yuan of debt, but he did not feel flustered. Can borrow, face is not to think about the things to buy equipment, songs recorded up again.

was the most sung "southern girl" and praised the song for Liu Huan "painting", in which. The album contains a melody and accompaniment are simple image. There are mothers, sisters, there are 6 square meters of the house, there is a miss when young, singing is a child of Beijing's private emotions.

2014 January 24th night broadcast China song Zhao Lei play "painting" by Liu Huannu Chan, Liu Huan sighed: "Oh! A person living in the Beijing courtyard could be such a song to depict, impeccable!" said

total return, the range is still small.

it also makes people who like his songs have a "private" sense of happiness, so as to be popular with the crowd. Singing "and I'm just a poor boy, simple life is like a stone", "jealous people have cars, there are real people", made no secret of his frustration and pride, like a hedgehog with burr up.

"those invisible thorns make me turn down all the false things. "Zhao Lei likes the hedgehog," said the sun. "

folk in this mutual warmth, gradually warming. After the song Miss Dong "and" Dongye Ma Di of "Nanshan south", more and more people seem to love a bit and a bit of hope about containing ballads, times too impetuous, rather than at the vent, can bring warm mood to folk quiet comfort.

so "Chengdu" brush screen. In her ear full of tender feelings speaking on a "do not go with you, only" became the new popular Wen Qing. There will be some people in the night of the year went to the end of the road in Yulin, sitting in front of the door of a glass of acacia.

fans clench heart sad Zhao Lei hot, feel like "my heart hidden secret is disclosed.

more people don't worry he'll change. Because Zhao Lei passed out of such a feeling, whether it is standing on the gorgeous stage, or 50 dollars can be heard in the livehouse, his songs, sing to you a person to listen to.


"some people can sing, but some people have to sing, I'm the one who has to sing. "


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