How to build a factory in the end how to change Jia Yueting's car?

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aifaner· 2017-02-06 22:17:41

" is an old saying: "the truth can not be fake, false to say more, he is not true".

2016 car circle, what can be more than Faraday's future evolution process more twists and turns? The experience of the financial crisis, the project shut down, all one thirty while countless crisis, FF finally in this year's CES officially released their first new species is known as the "production model".

" however good times don't last long, conference just ended, there is news that Faraday has stopped the construction because of future financial problems, then Faraday also admitted to the official, because in order to participate in the CES conference needs a lot of money, the construction of the factory was temporarily shelved. Overall, however, it does not affect the overall situation.

" despite the difficulties, but the car is always released in the future, after the conference, Faraday also announced a "very optimistic" the data shown in just 36 hours, the company received 64124 orders. We can count, if all in accordance with China's 50 thousand yuan a predetermined price, so many orders for the future of Faraday has brought more than 300 million yuan in cash. A predetermined amount of

feel the first wave is indeed a lot, but then Faraday suffered a future lawsuit, a visual effects company sued, Faraday (Faraday Future) in the future cost of $1 million 800 thousand. The company for the future production of Faraday display content for the release of this month's first production model when the promotion. If the car has been scheduled to get more than 300 million yuan, the company's vision of the United States is not a bit of a knife really 1 million 800 thousand. Of course, the more than 300 million scheduled payment is not true, it was on the other.

" (the dream factory)

2017 in February 1st, the Reuters reported that Faraday's future plans to build cars that is shrunk, the planned 7 electric vehicles will be 2 of the whole now. And the reason for the northern Las Vegas officials as saying that the future of the factory will reduce the size of Faraday.

what about the bad news? All channels to clarify ah!

that come, after Faraday future officer micro-blog said CES network released a predetermined amount exceeded expectations, will not reduce factory building, a project of the second phase is about to begin. Micro-blog's official website to join in, not serious, then the future of Faraday's official website issued a statement said: we expect the first stage of the project can be rapid construction, so that we can FF91 will be officially put into operation as soon as possible, later, the first and second stages of engineering construction will integrate & hellip; … the next few years, Faraday the future of the factory project in Nevada the $1 billion investment plans remain unchanged.

calm down, and then stop to feel the scene can not control. We look back and forth to see what Faraday's future conference is said: Faraday said the future of the end of 3 will be limited to the sale of 300 FF91, the first car auction revenue will be used for charity. And in 2018 delivery. The

factory is not a shadow, the car also expect? Don't worry, you do not believe, we give you a personal guarantee big jia. This is the afternoon of February 6th, Jia Yueting administrative micro-blog said: FF into the factory will not shrink, but also to ensure the timely delivery of FF 91. Look forward to the end of March panic buying!

this is really "a little wrong, not another way: we already tried it, you'll have to wait, and we together to build a dream stifling!

is like the situation that most of the Chinese national football team has to face in the game, and it's true that there is not much time left for Faraday. Let down ridicule, we have to look at the seriousness of a simple car how long it takes.

" in general, the model development requires a lot of time and money, it takes about 36-42 months, if copying it, directly to find a mature models, remove the car, scan data, and then change the appropriate opening, probably more than a year is enough. Product validation is a part of development in the most time-consuming, ordinary car fuel to the engine calibration, calibration of gearbox, chassis system and control the development of active and passive safety test, vibration, noise, thermal test, electronic structure, functional verification and vehicle durability test. That pure electric vehicles removed from the fuel vehicle engine and gearbox debugging, tuning the motor also takes a lot of time.

power module in the school may be pure electric vehicle is indeed a little lower than the fuel, but do not worry ah, the most difficult thing is that the biggest highlight of FF91 autopilot. Faraday said the future of FF91 can automatically drive and

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How to build a factory in the end how to change Jia Yueting's car?

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