It is said that this is a "Warcraft 3" in the battle of the Warlock to do the game

Warlock shine this is steam

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-02-06 22:28:30

lead: some time ago, a game called "RUiN" appeared on Kickstarter, according to the production team said, this game is based on a system of making "Warcraft 3" in the "warlock" battle. Used to love to play the "Warcraft 3" you certainly to "warlock war" in mind, so if you really love the adversarial system is not so good as to look at this is called the "RUiN" of the game play what. The main content of the game

"RUiN" is a small arena in the multiplayer game player, you need to choose a good you want to use the role and skills before the fighting began, it is also good to restore the "battle of the warlock". When the game starts, the player will have to find ways to use the skills they choose to kill opponents. In fact, there is a very important effect in "confrontation system repel warlock war", that is to say the attack skills game player can force the opponent back a short distance, due to the limited scope of the arena site, so hit the edge of the exit game player will not stop off blood until he was killed, "RUiN" also retained hold this point.

as the game goes on, there will be a variety of changes in the arena environment. For example, some of the changes in the site is a small range of movement, and some changes in the site is the original area will be separated into various regions are not connected.

game player can also according to their own preferences for custom game characters in clothing and accessories, it is estimated that this was a relatively easy money point.

the game is still in Kickstarter on the activities of the congregation to raise, if you love this game you can here in support of production group. However, this game is introduced on the one hand, on the one hand is the "RUiN" with the game as early as last September offering a game too similar. This

is called "Battlerite" of the game has been on sale in the Steam in September last year, this is simply a small arena for multiplayer games, and it has some system and "warlock" battle similar. You have to play this game, I do not have to say, even if you did not come into contact with the game, when you read it after the film will certainly feel that "RUiN" and it is too much like.



" from the perspective of game play is not what problem, because they may refer to the "warlock" contest, but the two game is not only similar in screen style and even when fighting UI are exactly the same, I think this is not free to ignore the thing. Perhaps this "RUiN" and "Battlerite" is similar to just a coincidence, I very much hope that the "RUiN" of the production team Tarhead Studio in the design of the game does not copy the "Battlerite" content, but they still give you own judgment.

if you want to buy "Battlerite", the following is the purchase address:

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