This is the "36 spirit" the glory of action executions

This is the action Ubisoft deserter

jihewang· 2017-02-06 22:28:42

IGN" released a video, which included a variety of action executions "spirit" -- the glory for 36 species, variety, and a bloody.

note: bloody

content in the game, the general situation of war, game player will be knocked down, and the chance to be resurrected mate. Under certain conditions, you can use the technology to game player executed completely kill each other game player, game player in this case only byoyomi resurrection.

experienced in the test of 4V4 confrontation players may understand that when the number of points reached 1000, their opponents will enter the collapse mode. At this point in the collapse of the State team kill will not automatically resurrection - at this stage, the active side to win the game is likely to enter the decentralized Zhuida deserter case, so it is down one side may still have the opportunity to revive teammates.

therefore, it is a very important countermeasure to seize every opportunity to execute an opponent and to cut off the possibility of being resurrected. Fortunately for the attention of Ubisoft executed game player are designed a variety of actions, ensure that you in the end when the enemy got extraordinary pleasure.

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