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Author: Richard Atlas

often ask us, when the super chicken horse will appear on the host. This is really a problem worth studying, because the game does look good for the host. There are times when people understand that it's hard to get a game, but most of the time it's just "don't you just take it to the host? The idea. So today I want to share with you the answers to how to create games for the host. If you are a game developer, you can use this answer to answer your questions. The first step in setting up


is to add the game development kit and set up all accounts so that you can actually use them. This usually requires a fixed IP address, if you do not need to set the first. The kit also requires a license key with registration, and then you will go to the menu to find the place where the host can connect to your PC. If you haven't done this before, it might be a little more complicated. From the

game engine output

game engine (from Gamasutra)

we use is Unity, and the output from the Unity to the host was very simple. Although the actual situation is not particularly difficult, but you still need to have a special Unity plug-in to do this. The Unity plugin from the platform owner (such as SONY, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc.) is usually older, so you have to make sure that the Unity version matches the plugin you are using. At the same time, you'll need another license key to actually output and try to make the game run on the host.

platform specific function of

our game was originally developed for Steam, so the game code has many contents for Steam, such as Steam game creation and game player authentication, version check, achievement and so on. On the host, the game can only be started when all this content is deleted. This means that we need to replace the Steam content with a host of features. In addition, we also need to add social interaction, user accounts, user interface and other content to ensure that players can access their Xbox account when pressing the Xbox button.


in order to host the game, you need to pass the authentication process. For each host, the authentication process is different, but in any case, it is about your game needs to do a specific content. Sometimes it's about the rules you need to follow, and sometimes the special features you need to add. Then you need to complete a series of tests in order to pass the certification. For example, if you turn off the network and controller, switch to Netflix, a new synchronous controller to connect to the network and switch back to the game, then the game is also traced to the change of the user and to ensure that they will still be here? Once you've made sure that you've taken everything into consideration, you'll be able to send the game to the platform owners and get them to start testing the game. And you need to solve the problem before you do it again.

age rating

really, this is no one wants to face the nightmare. Different countries and regions have different rating systems, and they also have their own management, requirements, advice and payment methods. The International League for the age (IARC) tries to simplify the process, but it is too slow. We need to submit the game to ESRB (Bei Mei), PEGI (Europe, except Germany), DSK (Germany), CERO (Japan), GRAC (Korea) and so on. And in some cases you need to use the language of the target country. For example, if you do not have the help of local companies in Japan, you will not be able to get an age rating in Japan, and if you want to release the game in Japan SONY you need to come from the CERO rating. So it's really a very troublesome process.


once you have completed all of this, you will need to talk to people from the host area and decide on the final game release date based on other issues. You definitely want to release a game without a lot of other big games to grab attention. In addition, if you are able to learn more about the target host, they will be able to provide you with more marketing and exposure. And once you've done that, you'll be able to release the game!

so, from PC to the host can not be much faster. In this article, we simply talk about the surface of the transplant, and you have a lot to think about. I just want you to know how difficult it is to transplant a game and why you can't make a hasty decision.

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