The small devil board xuanstar live tiger super Dan occupation player qualifying super easy

Occupation player super tiger Dan.

youxiputao· 2017-02-06 22:28:49

love to see xuanstar live audience lords of the technology already xuanstar often can see the dazzling star for having heard it many times, super moment, by virtue of personal technology in the "field" in wantonly! Even in the occupation field, is comparable to the small devil xuanstar existence, although young, at just ah, today we staged a dazzling star in a game to super fragment, flexible use of various techniques is the key, the driver can see small xuanstar tactics and play.

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xuanstar version 16 avatar look to the future, looking at a little green thorn small look, smile very happy, want to maintain such a large size and only keep the ball, not to eat. Mobile can continue to maintain the current state, because the ball is too large, the sphere of the death rate is also growing fast, want to keep the first title, we must continue to find second place to eat each other, is the priority among priorities of winning!

here is xuanstar second tactics: kill xuanstar by ball, the ball team mate ate the tail, the ball constantly stepped forward, achieve the fast moving effect, and try to keep their own size case, found second of the location with the fastest speed.

in so fast, xuanstar soon found Lolo and his teammates. The position. Lolo is seeking development in one corner, constantly eating thorn ball, trying to get rid of second hats, xuanstar led his teammates like a tiger down the mountain like trying to eat each other, what the opponent is too cunning flight speed is also very alarming!

of course not overtake don't win, the need for routine, xuanstar decided to seduce the ball, not for a while, Lolo had his doppelganger slightly over half of the ball and his teammates want to eat xuanstar, strictly speaking, every firm is not fooled, suddenly at once successful, for the next set of who, would be an insult! And this, Lolo is facing the dazzling star, he sent half of what they did not get completely, this is to send the rhythm ah, occupation player xuanstar was inadvertently be not of the common sort, routine, let them die without burial ground ball.

" to see the scene you have met, Lolo killed, is really a big meat, eat a good nutrition, for large falling down from the dazzle star, the symbol is again im but, as the occupation player

Lolo eat slightly on the road looking for the moon the moon was found a "chicken" killed, when xuanstar brother back to the bathroom to find only the "chicken" on the side, this time not to kill when waiting for? Turn around and began to display a variety of techniques, trying to expand the routine to eat each other, the other side did not eat this set!

xuanstar really feel that this is an insult to the bait, so a change of bait, spit out many microspores, placed in front of each other, the ball back, but his teammates could not help but so wasted, then ate the bigger! Xuanstar thought, not afraid of you afraid you do not eat eat spores, spore has been run down, chasing people tired, just want to dig the xuanstar just to eat each other. At this moment, the ball at the chicken eat just bigger teammates, bigger, but this time the distance xuanstar closer!

this time I want to get up a song, dig a pit buried soil, a few 12345, one or two, three or four, five! Variable and variable! Since then, the chicken is just a past tense, professional players is to let you have no alternative routines, you only choose to enter the set, or forced to eat!

ball war seems really relaxed and happy, in front of the master can be relaxed to however, requires a lot of techniques and routines, xuanstar as the occupation player, the super Dan is very comfortable, a small New Year wish the devil can further!

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