Hey live chicken's teeth spoiled cousin on the chest of the on-line version of adorable female powder

Tiger cousin chest tone words

guanaidianjingbaguaxie· 2017-02-06 22:28:58

these days, you are called a small kind of beat your chest "audio scraper? Hundreds of thousands of young girls have joined hammer husband chest army, I wonder if you have not been big husband's chest fist smashed! A girl should be strong, the national hi's husband also staged a version of his cousin is simply a small chest, kind of debris flow in the field, on the chest of the storm!

hi's studio address: www.huya.com/haishi

" in the Spring Festival this year popular uncharacteristically, there is no sign that whipped up this array to sell adorable evil wind. A netizen to sell a adorable boyfriend micro channel, this female friends to her boyfriend is (??.?.? huh?)! All blame you (? ′) is not fool people ("′ o`) people cry, beat your chest, big bad guy!!! (~ ^ ~) car QAQ beat your chest you hate you! (= ω??)? What were to hug hum, they beat your chest with little sincere!!! (? T????) the big bad guy, you killed (feeling to?)

hi's live is the most famous male superior general voice, the same day in order to show the effect, not with the original sound effects add sell adorable. With the interpretation of a cousin version of the hammer chest, also did not forget to add their own play, even the words are even face gas performance is in place, the super invincible big boy adorable crackling, upright and even the "QAQ" are read out, an adorable face, at the end of the hi's own stand cute, vomiting. See the female fans ready to nosebleed DC, friends said, I want to be your hammer chest "and" hammer me hard hammer".

chicken first popular language upon exposure, various versions followed, but hey's cousin is the most current version of the absolute version, small has to do with the ring. In the history of the most lovely hey, not only to sell the public to sell Meng, playing cool, but also to play the king of the gas Sao glory, give him a single, he can carry the audience. The Spring Festival holiday

" has passed, hi's has also started a comprehensive live tiger, learning more wonderful like hero, as king of glory in tiger live area, let us together with the kind of small hammer hi's chest!

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