Male to female students bare lending threat for the country's first meat compensation jingfangxingju

First case male national student

Zhichzhongguo· 2017-02-06 22:29:43

with the Internet rampant naked loans and other forms of private lending, is paying the price for its barbaric growth in.

21 Century Business Herald reporter was informed that in January 19th, Gansu Dingxi police arrested a "naked" lenders, and the crime of criminal suspects to blackmail and impose exactions on Yang criminal detention. Reporter query and industry exchange and understand that this is the case or "naked" lending jingfangxingju.

21 Century Business Herald reporter obtained the detention card shows, according to the provisions of the criminal procedure law of People's Republic of China eightieth, Yang detained.

it is understood that Yang platform through social networks engaged in a campus high interest lending business and mortgage borrowing conditions as to the naked. For those who are difficult to repay, Yang in order to provide them with a nude flesh compensation (sexual service). In this case the informant Xiaohui (a pseudonym) is a threat to Yang service of female college students.

2016 in December 20th, suffered online fraud Xiaohui money through chat software and eager, nicknamed the "campus lending center" lenders Yang made contact, Yang Xiaohui nude and mobile phone mail list as collateral, through chat software transfer, lend 1000 yuan Xiaohui (excluding interest the actual hand 850 yuan), which agreed 15%. In the repayment of 300 yuan, Yang Xiaohui was unable to repay the threat to Dingxi to meet the meat compensation, or to the small friends published photos.

desperate to help the media xiaohui. Due to being part of "naked loan lenders as an intermediary platform, borrow treasure into the vortex of public opinion, the establishment of" treasure lending coincides with the user rights protection department "and the establishment of the" million hit bare fund ", the media will be transferred to borrow treasure clues. After communication, small naked loan transactions are not by borrowing treasure platform, but set up through chat software and lending them, financial transactions are paid through chat software. But in order to avoid further damage by borrowing Bao Xiaohui, sent a working group to Gansu to help the small collection of evidence.

in the finishing print out 43 pages of chat software screenshot as a report material, the Dingxi police arrested Yang Yang, and found a large number of naked photos in their mobile phones. In the subsequent trial, Yang confessed to the police, has used the same means, the implementation of the two girls in Gansu province".

lending treasure source, find in helping bare victims rights in the process of the bare loan industry has formed a complete chain of sex trade, take nude mortgage, line meat compensation, and the existence of cross regional selling meat compensation rights, shocking. For example, the naked girl loan in Beijing, lenders in Shanghai, if meat compensation is inconvenient, the lender and the naked girls talk about loan repayment conditions and good meat, meat compensation rights lending sold to the Beijing people.

use of the parties concerned about the exposure of nude psychology, naked bar form a special and unique folk lending risk control means. But there are also concerned about the private lending industry insiders told reporters that even if the parties to pay off the loan nude may still be spread or even extortion again, it is recommended naked loans to protect the interests of the parties to report their rights.

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