"American Spring Festival Gala" super bowl, what makes the Americans hi God?

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once a year "American Spring Festival Super Bowl super bowl, today show!

" just attended Jersey Yao Ming also appeared in the scene of the match.

Super Bowl of the American Super Bowl, the highest rated single TV set every year, more than the Major Sports League finals, the Oscar ceremony, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and Grammy awards. Every year, the Super Bowl Sunday, the American family will sit in front of the TV, wine and dine open ladder, enjoy the highest level of American football battle.

Super Bowl Finals held in the United States Major League Football Association (NFL) National Federation (NFC) and the United States Federation (AFC) tournament held between the champions. This year, New England Patriots (the two sides for the new England patriots) and Atlanta Falcons (Atlanta falcons) .

today's game is crazy! Everyone thinks that in case of losing the Patriots, patriots 13 minutes will chase the score from 3:28 into 28:28, the two sides draw, created in Super Bowl history first ot !!!

finally, new England patriots win 34-28! Tom Brady led the Patriots won fifth super bowl!!

" of course, in addition to football itself, every year to watch the Super Bowl halftime show and participated in the entertainment star , and the production of sophisticated, < strong>30 second price $5 million Super Bowl ads .

the world's top artists at the

annual Free Super Bowl halftime, big stars will be invited to sing live, for the fans to add to the fun, as the spring festival! This year LadyGaga brings cool halftime show, God Bless America, This Land is Your Land, Poker Face, Born this Way, Telephone, Just Dance, Million Reasons and Bad Romance eight hit medley! There are 500 drones lit the light show record!

" in the middle of the show is also in the Super Bowl in, which is the focus of the ratings climax. The year before last year, fruit sister Katy Perry stunning Super Bowl midfielder show, the audience reached 118 million, creating a super bowl of the year, the most popular show ratings. A comparative look at Hunan Station New Year Song Jane Zhang drove the bear out, creative like to have?

" last year, the super bowl, the first is the Lady Gaga sing the National Anthem of the United States opening. Video:

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NFL will not give the appearance of a star a penny, but they are free of charge for the Super Bowl platform, save popularity.

price advertising, see an enjoyable!

accompanied by huge commercial value, NFL Super Bowl advertising prices also hit a record high. Businessmen are very valued NFL Super Bowl incomparable influence, in order to ascend this a prime time will crush the head. Last year, the fiftieth Super Bowl exclusive broadcast CBS (Cbs Broadcasting Inc) every ad price of 30 seconds to reach $ million.

Chinese people do not understand the love of the national movement?

in football, basketball, volleyball as the three big ball of China, the United States olive fans in the end how much?

on the foreign social media platform Reddit, some foreigners in China complain that China does not have the soil of American football, lamented their deep love of the national movement, failed here.

" however, Rome was not built in a day, Dave wish a little more patience, because the data show that in recent years, more and more China young people began to love football .

, for example, many Chinese universities began to hold the flag football game, a second tier cities have begun to have a folk football club, Chinese and foreign players have. 2015 "City Bowl alliance, the city folk team regularly qiecuo. The general manager of

NFL Richard Young in Chinese district by the global times English Beijing edition interview said that over the past 5 years, there are 12 million people watching the Super Bowl in 2016 annually, the super bowl is expected to have more than 15 million China audience.

he said that most of the Chinese olive fans are young men living in a second tier city. Over the past 4 years, the number of American football enthusiasts in China doubled by 10 times,

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