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pointed out that the network education of preschool education, and the behavior of foreign Chinese has the very big difference, how to understand and learn the other educational methods, learn from the successful educational experience is very meaningful for China parents.

both at home and abroad, parents want their children to become, become a useful person to society, but the success of all kinds of conditions, such as creativity and individuality, tribulation and higher extent of civilization and so on, and never let the children eat only stay in the stomach, read more books and doting on.

a lot of people who have had the experience of living abroad are deeply aware of the differences in children's education in different countries. Here is a look at what foreigners pay more attention to the education of children, what we can learn from.

Japan: pay attention to the child's happiness ability

nearly 2000 parents in Japan conducted a survey of parental awareness, mainly about the future expectations of the child, the problem.

parents of boys' expectations are: to obtain the trust of society, accounting for 30.3%: II have a full life of the mind, accounting for: 35.9% and the people around them in harmony, accounting for 34.2%.

" parents' expectations of girls: have a happy life, accounting for 57.3% of the heart: have a full life, accounting for 42.7%. Can be seen, they are not only limited to the hot spots can be admitted to institutions of higher learning, to find a good job.

South Korea: "seniority" education highlight

South Korea's "seniority" education is a kind of family and social full range of children's education activities, the main content is to let the children filial respect for the elderly, was enhanced awareness of respect for elders.

, for example, do not walk side by side with the elderly, but to the wrong step; the generation of older generation than their own people as a parent; when people interact with people, to respect their older people, etc.. These

on children's strict requirements directly affect their way of life after growing up, South Korean students have little to the teacher for parents is rude, reverent and respectful, seniority which are derived from the initial "".

United States: pay attention to the adverse circumstances to create an independent character

to cultivate children's independence, the most prominent in the United states. American children from the age of two or three to live alone in a room, such as the fear of children, adults will buy a special lamp, ANN in the child's bedroom, the night is dark to expel the dark.

father or mother before going to the children in the room say goodnight and go, the child is holding the doll toys like myself to sleep. Children have a little self-care ability to decorate their own room.

in the United States, l year old children are basically able to eat, parents of the child "bound" in the chair, put food on the table, let your child with a small knife and fork.

in the kindergarten, a few months old baby monologue to drink milk, children over the age of 2 all eat with a knife and fork. There was a Chinese to their 8 month old child to the nursery, because the child can not get a bottle of water can not drink all day long, the friend found very sad, quickly led the child to leave the kindergarten.

in addition, rarely seen tuoerdainv Americans on the street, even in the store, is also very rare Americans holding a child, 2 ~ 3 years old children with adults behind stumble, small children were placed in the shopping cart, or under the arm.

visit to an American family visit, in three or four hours of conversation, he saw the little girl from first to last 3 months lying face down on the carpet, she tried to hold up his body, failed again and again, again and again to start a new attempt, this scene is really exciting.

the United States: pay attention to listen to the wishes of the child

for small children to respect, give the child autonomy, in order to improve the child's personality in a free environment, which is the creed of most American parents.

parents and children in America talk, general tone calm and friendly, they rarely heard harshly reprimanded the child, even when children do something wrong, but also repeatedly reason good at giving systematic guidance. When children admit their mistakes and repent, parents always say, "we love you.".

American parents believe that parents must control their emotions, the most important thing is to give children love, respect for the child's self-esteem. Therefore, parents are always "sorry", "please forgive", "thank you," and so on the wording of the mouth.

as a result of the parents' love and respect, all kinds of activities in the United States children can participate in family, and put forward their own views, such as what style to buy home appliances, cars, how to decorate the room, household chores, children can master to discuss the identity of their parents, parents are willing to listen to the views of children.

give the child the correct idea and behavior to give full affirmation. An American friend said to me, "don't force a child to do something you don't want to do, it can hurt a child's feelings and personality. "These with our Chinese" filial "sticks out different views.

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