What is a good man? Hong Sen: Cambodia lift "flag"

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"Cambodia iron" added a new card!

"Kampuchea ban L Taiwan ‘ flag ’" Kampuchea, according to several media reports 6, Cambodian Prime Minister Hong Sen of Taiwan before the "flag" under the ban.

"Kampuchea daily" said, Hong Sen is to participate in an overseas Chinese Spring Festival activities in 4 to make the above statement. Hong Sen announced the same day,

no matter when, even if the Taiwan national day, no matter where, even if it is in the hotel, please do not raise the flag of Taiwan, do not be allowed. Hong Sen said that his decision is a continuation of Kampuchea's long-term foreign policy to china.

"Kampuchea daily" reported that "Kampuchea times" Khmer

quoted Hong Sen as saying that Kampuchea will not allow Taiwan to set up any agency official background in Cambodia

, "we will not do any influence in Taiwan China national dignity and territory the whole thing", as well as in the Tibet issue.

"Phnom Penh Post" said, Hong Sen also said that Chinese rise will not pose a threat to any country, to maintain good relations with the regional powers will promote the development of Kampuchea, "The Belt and Road" initiative will also enable ASEAN countries to benefit.

Taiwan has to strengthen trade name in an attempt to establish official institutions in Kampuchea, but eat a cold-shoulder treatment. The "Kampuchea daily" said that in July 2014, Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association announced the creation of the Taiwan Trade Center in Phnom Penh, just a week later, Hong Sen announced a ban on the plan of Taiwan, because the Cambodian government strictly adhere to a Chinese policy unswervingly. Taiwan in 2009 also tried to open a trading center in Phnom penh". "

times" quoted the Khmer independent political analyst, has a long history of Cambodian relations, Hong Sen's statement shows the close relationship between the two countries, "the relationship between the power of Kampuchea's survival, we rely on the development of China help".

for the Chinese public, the last time he felt the iron of Kampuchea, led by Hong Sen, was in the so-called "South China Sea arbitration" event last summer.

in June last year, Hong Sen graduated from the Kampuchea School of administration ceremony of public speaking, the Japanese ambassador to Kampuchea, criticized some foreign countries behind it all.


, Kampuchea's prime minister Hong Sen is not a criticism of a country.

Hong Sen led Kampuchea to China the "iron" can be said to be long-standing, many factors One principle runs through it all., is formed. Far back to the 1990 meeting of the Kampuchea peace talks in Paris, when the Hong Sen regime has not yet been recognized by most countries in the world, is only one of the Quartet to participate in peace talks. Intermittent meeting, a reporter asked him: once fully in charge of Kampuchea, will not discriminate against Chinese? He said that Chinese is an important force in the reconstruction of Kampuchea, he was in charge of the Cambodian National will not discriminate against the Chinese people. His answer, appealing living all over the world, had participated in the reconstruction of the Cambodian living Chinese back Cambodia, played a very good effect.

Hong Sen truly in charge of Kampuchea, to honor the promise to allow the resumption of various Chinese communities, open Chinese education. Now, this is not what important things, but at the time that many Chinese in Cambodia excited! For many years because they are not allowed to use the Chinese language, even banned Chinese speaking for 20 years. Not only is open, in Hong Sen's encouragement, Kampuchea young people learning Chinese common practice.

as for economic aid, Hong Sen is just upset all comers, some countries attach a variety of conditions, or even directly interfere with the Cambodian interior. China's aid has never been attached. Not afraid, afraid of goods than goods. Why did Hong Sen choose China to be the "Iron Man"?.

in addition to these objective reasons, Hong Sen's personality can not be ignored. Hong Sen is considered to be gratitude, good will of people, Cambodia Chinese helped support him, and gave him some help at the critical moment, he had in mind, and China to Cambodia economic construction gave so much help.

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