"Angry birds": a new Yi engraved rich gameplay, but also for skin

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youxiputao· 2017-02-07 00:48:05

recently, authorized by the Rovio, JoyCity Entertainment R & D angry birds: dice on the shelf App Store, and access to a number of areas of apple recommended.

" this product is almost a simplified classic Monopoly game and game player is engraved, to build houses, collect tolls to the other game player, and use the skills to help their enemy interference card. At the same time, each bird's attributes and skills are different, and have some items that can be upgraded - which is where the game pay point.

" it is worth mentioning that, JoyCity has launched a product called "Game of Dice", the little sister theme of the monopoly game interface, map and play two games are very similar. In other words, this angry bird IP's new work seems to be a change of the skin of the work.

"Game Dice of" interface

um...... You have nothing to say, you can only say that Rovio more and more sincere.

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