Space warship: Wings of death: the strongest picture FPS Challenger

FPS challenger screen XBOX

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-05-01 11:42:06

< p > "Space Battleship: death wing (space Hulk: Deathwing) is based on the Warhammer 40K" world outlook of the new FPS, by Streum on studio development, using Unreal Engine 4. This for the latest release of the real machine demo video, graphics performance is amazing.

in the space ship: Wings of death, the player in the abandoned space warships and a large number of alien predators fighting in the battle, players will gain new skills, abilities and equipment. If the actual game screen really can reach the level of the video above, the screen is the strongest FPS, although it is not allowed, but said it is a super class picture FPS or not for the...... "" >

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