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2009" on the eve of the Spring Festival, Liu Qiangdong was unable to cope with the Jingdong logistics warehouse explosion, users do not publicly called for Jingdong shopping mall. 7 years ago today, the popularity of electricity providers and improve the logistics system, Liu Qiangdong has been proud to announce the Spring Festival period, the country's 101 cities can provide a normal delivery service. This naturally creates a legendary China logistics field, but the new year starts at the beginning of the freight adjustment makes this confidence, cast a shadow.

open after the big move, continuously rising free shipping threshold

2 4, Jingdong official announcement, announced that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other 13 city freight standard adjustment, the specific shipping instructions as shown below. This is the third time in the past nearly three months Jingdong freight adjustment. The first two were in early December of last year and the Spring Festival this year. At this point from the high profile of Jingdong logistics brand operation mode of social opening up for less than 3 months.

" this time compared to the previous two two major adjustments: 1) free shipping threshold added weight from the previous 10KG adjusted to 20KG (Beijing, unchanged) in December compared to adjusted discount; 2) - in the order of fresh goods and other goods distribution costs were calculated, but the same freight calculation rules. Last December

first proposed Jingdong continued heavy threshold charges, then the explanation given is that Jingdong did not receive long-term heavy freight, but this kind of goods in the distribution process, distribution staff made great efforts and hardships, such services are valuable, so the continued heavy freight made fine-tuning to ensure we continue to for the vast number of users in the industry to provide the best service experience in logistics distribution. "

consumers in the Jingdong for the consumer, easily more than the original 10KG weight threshold, which means that many people need to pay additional logistics costs, now Jingdong and Alibaba is still in the fierce competition, but also far from the ignored consumer demand situation, the continued heavy threshold adjustment into more in line with consumer the daily needs of the 20KG is not hard to understand.

, however, compared to the weight of the re adjustment of the threshold, the self orders of fresh goods and other goods distribution costs are calculated separately. Jingdong said, in order to further enhance the quality of the fresh food distribution service, the Jingdong of fresh network distribution service was upgraded from January 19th 23 onwards, the Jingdong will adjust the order system of self fresh goods, fresh goods and non fresh goods to form independent orders and freight alone.

Beijing daily in a new report said, "this means that consumers buy Jingdong owned fresh goods and other goods orders can not be consolidated freight, for small orders of consumers, the same amount of the purchase, or need to pay a fee. "

, in fact, means more behind it.". In August 2015, Jingdong invested in fresh supply chain specializing in Yonghui supermarket, force of fresh goods became key strategic Jingdong, Jingdong said mall fresh division president Wang Xiaosong accept the "Chinese entrepreneur" interview in December last year, "fruits, seafood, frozen food, meat consumption frequency is very high, with drainage function. In early 2013, the proportion of fresh products only 10%, has now reached 50%. Thus, we can see the development potential of fresh consumer goods.

, according to Jingdong mall big data show that consumers during the Spring Festival this year, the amount of shopping, wine, seafood, meat, fruit ranked three, the importance of fresh online consumption of Jingdong is more prominent. But compared to the popular products, fresh products corresponding to the cold chain distribution, which has higher requirements of the distribution of logistics service providers, behind the means higher logistics cost, the logistics distribution system of Jingdong is also so. This is a completely new logistics and distribution system, respectively, that is understandable understandable charges.

up or not up, placed in front of the Jingdong, a choice of

in logistics freight, Jingdong has been in the "warm boiled frog", of course this may itself is the Jingdong where emboldened. And behind this is because Jingdong logistics system is higher than the industry average level of service in the protection of. Logistics is the core competitiveness of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong also stressed in an interview with this view: we even rose three years free shipping threshold, but found that every time up, the user did not drain. However, we must admit that, regardless of the amount of free shipping order threshold, or the fresh goods and other goods separately calculated freight, Jingdong's freight rates are relatively high level in the industry.

however, the promotion of free shipping threshold is not only a Jingdong, the overall cost of electricity supplier logistics has become a consensus in the industry. Specifically, announced in 2016 that the import of goods delivery free shipping for the adjustment of the standard V3 and V4 members of the order amount of free shipping over 76 yuan, other members of the order amount of free shipping over 86 yuan, less than the amount of orders 5 yuan freight surcharge. Amazon is early in 2014 will increase to 99 yuan standard free postage. Coupled with the constant adjustment of the freight has been the major courier companies, logistics costs rise in this grim fact, no one can become lucky.

Jingdong one after another upgrade free

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