Sega black quarter earnings growth outstanding outstanding record of each line

Black Sega record quarter

wangyiyouxi· 2017-02-07 07:06:03

today announced nine Sega before 2017 months of fiscal year (as of December 31, 2016) earnings, the contents of the report are all black and have relatively large increase over the same period last year.

" according to the report shows, entertainment career "Phantasy Star Online 2" the benefit is very good, such as "6" and "psalm of life: Football Manager 2017" performance is also very good. "The new aspect of Mobile Games Cang knights" (Hortensia SAGA), "3" and chain wars "SOUL REVERSE ZERO" and other games are the outstanding performance of the nomination.

home game this quarter pillar of the "dream 2" star Online

arcade game "Three Kingdoms" and "war fleet Arcade" still perform well and popular game player's favorite, the "Three Kingdoms" sales especially in war earnings has been named. The movie business, "detective Conan: Black nightmare" released in Japan and Chinese area box office performance has also been affirmed.

" Mobile Games new "pale knights" outstanding performance, followed by the 3 "

" chain wars last earnings report, Sega executives said the next quarter's main goal is to "Valkyrie" blue revolution in the overseas edition well, for Nintendo Switch on the host "Puff puff box" Yo yo. Arcade will be launched "writing D Arcade Stage Zero", and will strengthen the development of film and toy industry.

"detective Conan: Black nightmare" that Sega decided to invest in film and toy sector in the next quarter

however, the Scarlett promised in the sea launched "Dream Star 2" Online, however, has passed a number of the first overseas service is still no news, even the service station will also be in April due to the expiration of the contract and the cessation of operations. "Football manager 2017" because of the commitment to launch the Chinese but do not cash on the Steam caused a poor evaluation of the storm has not subsided.

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