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" with the popularity of high-definition TV, CRT TV set for the nostalgia host they became harder to show the real picture, and in high-definition television play the old host also can have serious delay. But not every game player can place a big ass small screen used the old TV at home. This paper will introduce a host to the old picture to 1080P conversion machine: XRGB-mini

statement: without any interest I and xrgb-mini manufacturers, sellers, simply want to recommend this equipment.

" remember this complex and handsome name

if you and I also had suddenly remember the past, and bought a second-hand machine on a shopping site. When you like a child to yellow red and white tricolor jubilant from TV behind and boot, you will find...

SFC" with the three line HD TV Mario Tu from Youtube My Life in Gaming

I believe, even you people can not tolerate this picture. And this is not the real strength of SFC!

so, before the picture into 1080P, first of all, the real strength of the host play out.

RGB and color difference

RGB line and color line is the old type of host can play the real strength of the fundamental . (except DC, DC is on the VGA)

from the beginning of ATARI, all hosts can be modified by the original or output RGB or color. (color line NGC to be 1000 yuan a, proposed to play a game with Wii NGC) if you do not want to toss modchips, S terminal is an acceptable choice. The following are some

quality comparison chart, source is still Youtube Gaming channel My Life in.

FC real machine recorded AV Rock and RGB Rock, the latter look significantly more firmly, more combat (really)

the AV quality lynk, right RGB Lin, the pixel is more sharp, weapon damage will be higher (really)

" in the absence of RGB or color under the condition that the S terminal is acceptable

" to simulate a variety of interface signal on the right is RGB

although the painting Quality improvement is great, but the old host wire is not as expensive as audio wire. wire quality is due to the format, rather than the quality of the wire itself. a treasure in general a few dollars to less than one hundred transactions.

analog to digital

when you get RGB or color, S terminal line will have two kinds:

1. connected high-definition TV, the picture is still not ideal, large delay, even without a picture.

: high-definition television (HDTV) specializes in digital signal processing (720P, 1080P), but not good at dealing with the "low quality" (analog signals 480i and 240p), the non native resolution pull to the 1080P/720P need time to deal with, and even put 240P into 480i to recognize the wrong picture processing, so the effect may be poor. Some TV can't even recognize 240p.

240p screen is a product of PS1 era and before the host, high-definition TV to their very friendly

2! Yes! Answer! Export!

HDTV eccentric digital signal interface is a normal thing, the vast majority of TV will only retain the AV and color difference between two analog signal interface as S terminals and RGB is impossible to see.

" is a "friendly" HDTV, VGA, color and AV interface

so, in order to really picture on the big screen high-definition TV show host, to old mainframe analog signal is converted into a digital signal good at handling high-definition television, the xrgb-mini Framemeister comes in handy


Framemeister's name is derived from it to two frames (frame) image synthesis frame (480i frame two to output a complete picture). Of course, it can correctly identify the 240P and 480P images, and the analog signal into 720P/1080P digital signal output to the tv. It has three great advantages: fast, good effect, the interface of

480i legend, two frames interlaced display form a complete image of

xrgb-mini picture to bring a delay of about 1 frames, in the general course of play barely perceptible. At the same time, it greatly reduces the delay caused by analog signal processing.

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