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Health News reported on February 6th, by the Vatican academy invited the chairman, China human organ donation and transplantation organ transplantation Committee Chinese Development Foundation Chairman Huang Jiefu will participate in the Vatican held against organ trafficking World Summit, sharing and organ donation management "China solutions to the world". Huang Jiefu served as vice minister of health, deputy director of the central health committee.

the Vatican academy will be opposed to organ trafficking global summit on February 7th -8 days held in the Vatican, the United Nations and the European Union and WHO, on behalf of a number of religious representatives, members of the organization, the Istanbul Declaration on global multinational organ transplant association president will attend the meeting, the WHO director general Chen Fengfuzhen will deliver a video speech, the meeting will discuss the opposition organ trading statement.

however, according to the British Guardian reported on the 6, for the Vatican to invite China to participate in the meeting on behalf of Huang Jiefu caused some dissatisfaction, the Vatican official to invite Chinese participants to defend.

" the Guardian reported screenshot, "the Vatican ready to invite former minister Chinese involved in opposition to organ trafficking conference"

/ Huang Jiefu data figure

reported that a medical ethics expert Wendy · of the Macquarie University in Australia; Rodgers (Wendy Rogers) to the Vatican official institutions to letter against China participants, the letter Chinese groundless accusations illegal organ transplantation, the destruction of human rights and other issues, questioned the Vatican representative Huang Jiefu Chinese invited to attend the meeting.

according to the guardian quoted the official Vatican news conference organizers, the Vatican Pope Sorondo the president of the Academy (Marcelo Sá nchez Sorondo) said in reply, "against organ trafficking World Summit is an academic conference, not to repeat the controversial political proposition" ("academic exercise and not a reprise of contentious political assertions").

Reuters interpreted the response as the background of the meeting, the Vatican is actively improving relations with china. In recent years, especially from Latin American Pope Francis was since Vatican actively expressed willingness to China and open the door to dialogue, Francis repeatedly over the China airspace China call President Xi Jinping. Since the second half of 2016, the Vatican has expressed its approval for China's own appointment of bishops, and the Pope has met with China's self appointed bishops. China also said that always have sincerity to improve Sino Vatican relations, to promote bilateral relations to improve the process of constructive dialogue and new progress and make unremitting efforts. However, Sino Vatican relations and just one aspect of the problem, as to whether the parties consider at present China has not yet established diplomatic relations really saying.

according to the Global Times interview 6, Huang Jiefu, he said, this is the first time invited to attend China organized by authoritative international organizations in the field of organ transplantation summit.

is mainly responsible for the conference organizers and former president of the International Association of human organ transplantation organ transplantation at Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University professor Francis · Delmoe Nick (Francis Delmonico) said in an exclusive interview with the global times, Chinese invited participants, because "China show last fall in line with the guiding principles of WHO donation and transplantation practice attitude in Beijing, international the society is deeply inspired. In addition, according to Delmoe Nick said in a letter to the guardian, in last year's U.S. congressional committees investigating organ transplant related issues such as the testimony, he had to defend the contribution made by Huang Jiefu, he is unable to guarantee that the Commission's impact has been completely eradicated.

according to the health report, as of the end of 2016, China has achieved nearly 10 thousand cases of organ donation after the death of citizens, donated nearly 28 thousand large organs. 2016 to complete the donation of 4080 cases, donated large organs of the year, compared with nearly 50% in 2015, the contribution rate of per million people per year (PMP) of up to 2.98, the number of annual contributions has risen to the world's top second. In recent years, the progress of organ donation and transplantation in China has attracted worldwide attention and praise. WHO director general Chen Fengfuzhen said that in the field of organ donation and transplantation Chinese reform in the right direction, act quickly, many successful experience can do the model, for other countries facing similar challenges in learning.

the Chinese government attaches great importance to organ donation and transplantation in recent years, through the publication of "Human Organ Transplant Ordinance", formulating a series of supporting policies, the establishment of human organ donation and Transplantation Committee, improve the working mechanism, promote organ donation and transplantation according to norms of conduct. Chinese internationally recognized ethical principles, combined with national conditions to promote organ donation after citizens death, realize fair distribution and traceability management organs, to fully protect the donor and the recipient right out of a Chinese accord with international practice, reflect the actual organ donation and transplantation Road, initially established a scientific and just follow ethics, accord with human body organ donation situation and culture and transplantation system.

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