This is probably the most realistic rendering of S8

Broke the news screen camera Samsung

shoujizhongguo· 2017-02-07 12:51:15

[mobile china news] is full of vitality of the day, from Android's annual machine emperor Samsung Galaxy S8 released nearly a day. So far we have seen the front panel exposure, exposure to the rear panel, fingerprint recognition and so on and so forth, today released the most foreign media so far the most reliable S8 rendering video.

Samsung S8

renderings hyperboloid screen, ultra narrow frame around the screen, big and round the camera on the right side of the fingerprint identification area, no online exaggerated rendering so fake, this looks very high credibility, is by far the most reliable S8 renderings. The video is given and the black and white hot coral blue three color, does not exclude the possibility of pink will join the. Fans, are you ready for your wallet?

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