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"Chen Yao became Asia's most fashionable face"

Chen Yao shot. Outstanding large and strong performance

Chen Yao's distinctive features and an international

Chen Yao portrayed vintage fashion

entertainment NetEase in February 7th by the British magazine I-Ma reported recently. Gazine combined with Adobe Artists Behances selected the 2016 most stylish face list freshly baked, Chen Yao [micro-blog] in Asia's most fashionable female face of the unit won the championship. It is reported that the list selection lasted three months, from 40 countries, 380 professional photographers, designers, stylists, makeup artist, fashion editor and I-Magazine team members from the 35000 photos and video selected.

in the fashion media, Chen Yao's face is bright, natural, personality. I-Magazine Chu, editor in chief of China's Pon, said: "there is a very recognizable face feature, and there is no doubt that she is the best candidate for a fashion show. "She has a prominent forehead and a narrow skeletal structure, which is rare in Asian faces," she said. "And this is a very strong sense of face, this woman's sense of power, favored by foreign media. The world's top photographer Anne · Leibovitz during the filming of Pirelli calendar had said, she wanted to create a classic portrait series, women seem to be powerful, and natural stretch. This is probably the reason she chose Chen Yao, after the two met, she also commented on Chen Yao: you are more than imagined. "

in addition to the unique characteristics of the face, Chen Yao win with her superior sense of the lens is closely related. Fashion photographer Selina Lexa said: "her facial features and expressions can tell stories. "And this in front of the camera, probably due to her outstanding performance is a good actor, thinking of her independent understanding and interpretation of different types of large in different style, can be fixed personal temperament and trendy fashion in the perfect moment.

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