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kanshangjie· 2017-02-07 16:22:32

after the Spring Festival, we state how? There is no holiday syndrome attendant?

in order to wake up the children of God, today I bring you a message - pleasant credit risk reserve suddenly less 650 million, Madden not Madden?

"day to the loo, bad debts and pleasant loans, pay out 650 million pleasant credit? Can vote?" the first reaction is, however, a detailed view is found after a false alarm. The money was not paid the debts, but to buy financial products.

according to the "December 2016 pleasant Credit Warranty service fund depository report", as of December 31, 2016, pleasant loans in Guangdong Development Bank current account balance of about 337 million 800 thousand yuan, compared with 988 million 500 thousand yuan in November 30, 2016, a reduction of about 650 million yuan.

which, during the reporting period (December 1, 2016 to December 31st), and the loan from the quality assurance services extracted 750 million yuan current account to buy financial products. Here, during the reporting period, the fund or warranty pleasant loans increased 100 million yuan.

" here is actually a warranty for we often say that the risk reserve, the risk reserve was one of the factors of many investors measure platform risk security ability. However, since the regulators will be P2P net loan as an information intermediary, the platform may not be directly or in disguised form to provide guarantees or commitments to protect the Lender Interest Margin, the existence of the risk reserve has become some embarrassment. After all, this will make investors mistakenly think that the platform will reveal all the details, there are suspected disguised promises guaranteed security interest.

so in the past period of time, the industry set off a risk reserve "change names" wave pleasant loans is one of them.

however, although the name changed, but the nature of warranty funds or to pay the borrower overdue.

pleasant credit official website shows, pleasant loans in each loan transaction, the platform will extract a certain percentage of the amount in the warranty service fund account. According to pleasant loan earnings, risk reserve ratio of 7% of the total loan extraction ratio.

" the risk reserve is how does it work? In order to more intuitive understanding of this process, we give a "chestnut".

assuming small loan 10 thousand yuan, the loan interest of $1000. In accordance with the proportion of 7% of the loan principal extraction, the platform to extract the risk reserve of $700, Xiaoming actually get the hand is 9300 yuan. If Bob need timely repayment, interest is 11000 yuan, 700 yuan for platform risk reserves, that he is as long as 10300 yuan is enough; if Bob does not repay on time, the platform with 700 yuan of compensation paid by extraction, the rest by their own platform up. Of course, this example is the ideal state, the platform charges, fees and other charges are not included.

can be seen from here, the risk reserve is constantly flowing. From the pleasant credit data, the fund has been increasing, indicating that the increase in borrowings is far more overdue, as of the end of December 2016, warranty service fund has exceeded 1 billion yuan (750 million yuan +3.378 yuan).

then came the question this money belongs? For warranty service to buy financial products, investment income also belongs to who?

from the warranty service fund depository report, opened a special current pleasant credit accounts in the bank, quality assurance fund independent depository, can not be utilized.

and pleasant loans earmarked to purchase financial products with warranty act seems that the money belonged to the platform for all, but it should be exactly who is still not clearly defined. However, it is certain that the proceeds of 750 million yuan for the purchase of financial products is undoubtedly a platform.

so considerable gains after the hand, whether the loan will give the borrower more favorable concessions?.

of course, investors may be worried about the remaining funds can be fully paid overdue. From the current point of view, the problem is not large, after all, there are more than 300 million accounts. Not only that, every month there will be new fund income.

calculated from the 2016 annual report for the warranty, warranty for the average monthly increase of approximately 52 million yuan, with the platform of volume growth, this figure will increase. In addition, these 750 million are not necessarily fully invested in long-term financial products, so we do not worry too much.

for now, the platform has a lot of autonomy in terms of the right to use the risk reserves, sources. Each platform for the disclosure of this standard is not the same, so we should pay attention to screening. In addition, the existence of risk reserves and can not represent the absolute security of the platform, which is only one of the reference indicators.

Internet financial platform to buy financial products, this thing is very interesting. In fact, this kind of thing is not unusual, last year, there have been cases like this.

2016 in November, the announcement of PPmoney's parent company said Maxwell Jinke, with idle capital Minsheng Bank (600016, shares) of the Guangzhou branch of financial products, the flow of C. However, the difference is, Maxwell idle funds should be directed to the source of stock issuance in August 2015, at that time, Maxwell Jinke total funds raised 189 million yuan, including 53 million for the purchase of financial.

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