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shoujizhongguo· 2017-02-08 05:52:42

today stumbled view space, usually do not use the QQ I, QQ has occupied several G space, and I do not know how this space is occupied by the … &hellip

" I believe many small partners also have the same problems, usually do not use the QQ to account for such a large space, how can do simple let QQ account for only a little space. Today, teach you the rapid release of QQ space. The effect is amazing, please don't be too surprised!

steps: setting - chat - cache data

" and then wait for a period of time after emptying, go back to check the size of the space occupied, surprised to discover that the released space is not tiny but adventitious quantity! 2G space is cleared away only about 500M, the effect is obvious, we have seen. (the other two empty option pro test effect is not obvious, you can not try)

space back, you might be worried, delete the part is what the content does not affect their normal chat?

in fact, after cleaning the cache, before all of the records are not recorded, including the head of a friend, you need to re cache. But now the network is very fast, basically no impact on the use of.

" in addition, we can chat in the chat message of the nearest straight machine "and" chats roaming "shut off in normal use, it can reduce the QQ space to eat, the day after and if we found space more words, more often clean up the.

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