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mobile phone China [] recently, the market research firm Counterpoint released the 2016 domestic smart mobile phone market report, the successful media occupy the headlines. According to the previous year, the annual report of the domestic intelligent mobile phone market is so attractive, because in addition to a comprehensive display of the whole industry and the trend of each vendor's living conditions, but also can find out from the point of contrary to expectation.

last year, the domestic mobile phone ring, OPPO and vivo is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the two manufacturers, especially OPPO =''>

a few happy tears

earlier, another research firm IDC released data show that OPPO and vivo is also very rapid expansion of the momentum of last year, the annual growth rate of more than 100%, reaching 132.9% and 103.2%. In addition, the world's top three continue to sit tight at HUAWEI, basically completed the target shipments in 2016, the number of nearly 140 million units of the HUAWEI 30.2% annual growth rate.

2016 global top 5 mobile phone manufacturers in the intelligent performance data under

, Samsung and apple while the two giants from the data, stability of the position is still high, but in HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo three domestic competition, annual growth the success rate of a negative growth of -3% and -7%, respectively. In addition to the above 5, the other manufacturers annual growth rate has also been negative growth, the overall market share of less than 5, that is, last year the world's top 5 smartphone manufacturers to carve up more than half of the market.

" look back at home, according to data recently released by HIS, although OPPO and vivo's performance in 2016 is very strong, but HUAWEI still scored the most China great wisdom of mobile phone manufacturers title. However, this seating is based on global shipments, if a single count of the domestic market shipments, OPPO has actually become worthy of the name first: according to IDC data, OPPO 76 million 600 thousand to almost 78 million 400 thousand units more than HUAWEI, become the domestic market shipments of the king.

OPPO" in the domestic

unit sales dominate more interesting

if you think the front mobile phone manufacturers are fighting each other is not enough, so I tell you the next single sales chart is more worth watching!

2016 stand-alone domestic sales charts

above is compiled by Counterpoint in 2016 domestic sales of the top 20 single. From the brand point of view, OPPO is definitely the biggest winner, including the R series and A series a total of 5 models on the list, which indirectly confirms the success of OPPO in 2016. In contrast, with the OPPO to follow a similar route vivo, there are 2 models into the top 20. In other areas, Apple's iPhone 6S series and iPhone 7 series of a total of 4 products are also ranked above the list, HUAWEI and millet have a variety of models debut, Meizu and music as well as there are 1 products on the list. Next, I'll start to say.

OPPO: as early as last year, when the OPPO R9 open hot mode, it was boldly predicted that the machine is likely to refresh the single product sales record of domestic smart machines. It is reported that, OPPO R9 sold the first day sold 180 thousand units, only 88 days on the market to break through the sales of 7 million units, so the annual sales (domestic) more than 17 million units entirely reasonable. R9 so hot, in addition to the success of marketing and strong offline channels, with the product's own innovation can not be separated.


is worth mentioning is that support OPPO expansion is far more than a R9 explosion, which is priced at 1 thousand to 2 thousand A series models are also popular with domestic consumers. In this light, OPPO if you can launch a successful product in a more high-end market, then its overall strength will be more powerful.

vivo:vivo and OPPO are very similar, the same is to open the market to take pictures of the phone, the main force in the low-end, which ranked ninth in the X7, compared to OPPO actually have a distance.

vivo X7

: Apple according to earlier data, apple last year in the domestic market while keep the seating, but sales have achieved negative growth. On the one hand, the domestic mobile phone has introduced innovative products in the fierce competition in the market, this is the power to replace iPhone for many people; on the other hand, two recently launched Apple products branded no mark, this is the original Apple users

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