Dry cargo: what house appreciation fast?

House buy a house appreciation target

haoqixinribao· 2017-02-08 05:55:20

" for investors, if you can buy a good house, then it must be able to make their assets rise again. So what kind of house belongs to the quality of the property, not only have a lot of room for appreciation, there is a great deal of resistance?

a, convenient transportation, superior lot

Li Jiacheng once said: "the most important thing is to buy a lot, lot or lot! Enough to see the importance of lots, the most significant factor affecting the real estate prices are lots, determine the quality of the most active factor is the traffic situation. If it is not convenient to go anywhere near the house, less transportation, shopping is not convenient, then, it will not be so significant appreciation of space. However, if the vicinity of the subway, bus, light rail and everything, but also the house will be devalued? We must remember that the traffic is better than the real estate property is better than traffic congestion.

two, has a good property management

for the purpose of investment in the purchase of real estate, more attention should be paid to property management level, it directly determines the level of rent! A good property will be able to bring a lot of room for appreciation. Especially in the secondary housing market, the price of some small why? Because residential property is very good, most of the secondary housing is a mature community, the surrounding residents living around, first of all to ask how the property management? Some district will know charges, nothing! In fact, from another point of view to think about, you want to live in the house if you are safe and health is not very attractive to you? Living requirements is not a safe and healthy?

three, high-quality educational resources

no doubt, the school district room must have a lot of room for appreciation. However, buyers need to pay attention to is, now many school districts for the purchase of pseudo miserable, the slightest mistake, it is possible to buy pseudo district.

in order not to let the children lose at the starting line, parents would prefer to spend a lot of money to buy real estate education, even second-hand property prices in the real estate has been a large decline is still very strong.

four, housing quality

network home, environmental protection and other residential has become a reality. In fact, the quality of the house is getting better and better. In this sense, the building will continue to depreciate over time. This requires investors to buy a house, we should pay special attention to the quality of the housing, the impact on the quality of housing is more sensitive factors, such as layout, storey, construction quality, etc., to focus on considering its anti outdated.

five, the auction contract

investment auction has a certain risk, investors still want to consider before buying a full restart. But in general, the risk is great, the income is also large, after all, the price is still very attractive auction. If you can apply a reasonable and legitimate auction contract, it should be able to get generous returns. So the choice of the big developers, have five cards, buy the house is quite reassuring.

six, business cycle

this is one of the most difficult to grasp the factor. Is generally believed that the Chinese economy there is still much space for development, at present our country's real estate market development is very smooth, no real estate bubble phenomenon basically, if it is just the start sooner the better, if the investment or to make decisions based on the current policy.

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