IPhone 7 in China how to sell worse than 6S?

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haoqixinribao· 2017-02-08 08:15:02

iPhone 7 brings good news to apple.

according to last week's earnings release, in the last three months of 2016, Apple sold a total of 78 million 290 thousand iPhone, more than the same period last year, more than 5%.

apple for three consecutive quarters of decline in revenue to stop, which is the highest single quarter sales iPhone once, higher than the earnings report released before the analyst is expected to be higher than 2 million.

iPhone 7 is our best-selling models, apple CEO Tim ·, said in the earnings conference, said Cook. Every year Cook would say that, in addition to the sale of 6S in late 2015, the four quarter fell by about 16%. The overall decline in

intelligent mobile phone market, Apple's growth depends on the replacement of the old user. 2015 iPhone 6S flat response led to the sale of the first 13 years of decline in iPhone sales, a year after the iPhone 7 to allow more people to replace the hands of the old iPhone.

apple CFO Luca Maestri this season, the most successful elements attributed to the annual upgrade program in the United States to promote iPhone growth, which is an encouraging sign for apple. "

but in the world a good time, the Chinese market is a different kind of iPhone performance.

market research firm IDC on Monday released the 2016 annual Chinese mobile phone sales figures. In the last three months of the year

2016, the Chinese smartphone grew by an annual rate of over 8.7%, compared with a year earlier, which was about $1.6%. The main reason is that shipments of the top three vendors have growth, ranking the first OPPO even doubled.

at the same time, iPhone is back, this quarter shipments only 14 million 900 thousand. Less than 12.8% a year ago, when iPhone 6S just released.

in fact this trend from the end of 2015, iPhone in the Chinese market is getting smaller and smaller. The highest growth companies here are OPPO, Vivo and HUAWEI.

and their contrast, iPhone performance in China and other markets have formed a huge contrast in, id_imagebox_2. You can see the earnings of several major areas mentioned in the report, in addition to several other parts of Greater China has returned to positive growth. Taking into account the iPhone occupy 60% of Apple Corp revenue, this change can basically be seen as a decisive role in iPhone 7.

" in less than two years ago, the sales of iPhone was also more than the United States, has become Apple's largest mobile phone market. What happened two years ago? How much more expensive is the

iPhone. 5288 yuan is iPhone to maintain the starting price of China's pricing for the past 5 years, but by the impact of the exchange rate of iPhone from the sale price of $5388 in. The most popular version of the bright black even canceled a low profile version, the cheapest version of 4.7 inches to $6188.

OPPO and vivo flagship mobile phone prices are also more than 3000 yuan, but in fact, most of the selling is still about $2000 models. Mobile phone retailer Dixon released a report in 2016, their best selling models is OPPO R9, a mobile phone was launched in 2015, the price of 2499, to 2016 time has been reduced to less than 2000.

but iPhone has been much more expensive than the Android phone. Now just a little bigger difference, is not the most critical impact.

the worse the price, the domestic brands in the sales channels and advertising investment is also growing.

another reason you may also feel that the domestic mobile phone brands accounted for 234 of the mobile phone store line of the city streets and lanes. This part of the new market does not belong to apple, more than 40 Apple Store mostly concentrated in the first tier cities. This

to a certain extent and advertising, "happy camp", "every day", "I am a singer", "Daddy where to go to" … … OPPO and vivo sponsorship covers almost the highest ratings of the variety show.

relatively speaking, apple in order to high profit margins, advertising and sales staff in the Commission of the same size as the Android company. 2015 full year apple in the global advertising investment is $1 billion 800 million, less than Samsung Electronics in the United States a national advertising investment.

Chinese in order to attract consumers, apple last year did Chinese do a lot of local marketing, such as the Spring Festival this year, you can see the advertisement New Year paintings.

may play a decisive role in the differences in channel strategy. Rely on the difference, OPPO and vivo can be divided into more money channel. According to the China Securities News, the sales staff to sell a OPPO phone, get into the 100 yuan. Generally, OPPO mobile phone has more than 20% stores, sales to the clerk, the provincial agents etc..

result is that, no matter what you ask the clerk under the phone, the last round will recommend OPPO, vivo. Suning, Dixon stores posted in front of the most conspicuous advertising, mostly blue instead of green apple. Under the

line, the line is also the same. Apple is far less than the location of Jingdong mobile phone OPPO, vivo, HUAWEI, millet these brands. Now open Jingdong, you can see the HUAWEI 12

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