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Income network anchor new deal

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according to the Beijing News reported on February 8th, when the Spring Festival firecrackers for the time elapsed old New Year paintings rests on the ordinary people used to own an account balance, make a summary: this year, what I paid; this year, what I got. One ordinary family books on Tu writing, even together, will become the rhythm of macroeconomic fluctuation is.

network anchor

Beijing News reporter interviewed further across the country, farmers, workers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, reticulocyte multiple groups, listen to them on their own over the past year in the usual or unusual stories, let them count myself a year "bill".

"this is the end of today's broadcast, I hope you happy new year! "In February 1st 12 at night, facing the camera, anchor Li Mengru smiling to the computer at the other end of the fans waved, wittily made a kiss after the camera off.

obviously feel a lot less, many old fans to the frequency is not high. Li Mengru said. After the introduction of the new regulation of live broadcast, their working hours have grown from the original 6 hours to 10 hours, revenue fell from $17 thousand to $30 thousand.

2016 years, the scale of the network all the way up. According to the survey, in 2016 the domestic broadcast platform number has nearly 300, in addition to breed 9158 togetherness era, the two listed companies, and has been among the passengers also reflect Betta Unicorn brutality column. According to Founder Securities predicts that in 2020 the market will reach 60 billion webcast.

platform to increase the threshold of zero entry standards, so many Internet users into the spotlight center, has become a large number of fans of the network red anchor.

2016 in November, the regulatory authorities of the broadcast platform launched "double name qualification regulations, with the increasingly fierce competition, and gradually tighter regulation," Red Net "behind the simple entry standards, are also being forced to accept" overtime "and" shrinkage "challenge.

[Deng Lin] early entrants

million salary just a dream, no "background" another way to

2016 in August, resigned from the company of Deng Lin and two friends raised 300 thousand yuan, opened a Hot pot shop in Chongqing Jiangbei district. In the "anchor millionare" network news temptation, Deng Lin move up when the idea of video anchor.

her account registered in the YY platform, and a whoop and a holler in the circle of friends, hope the surrounding friends can support support. But in a few hours the first launch, but was invited to a friend in the room, only a few tourists, no applause and a reward.

everyone in this anchor era, there are few famous anchor on its own case, behind the famous anchor almost all platform support, the platform is in charge of manufacturing topics, to attract fans, and enhance the visibility.

Deng Lin is also aware of the importance of signing. She told the number of broadcast platform issued want to sign letter of recommendation, but without no echo. "This is a butterfly effect. If there is no platform anchor packaging, equivalent to not reveal opportunities, means a lack of fans and reward.

in fact, most of the anchor found in * * *, the so-called "millionaire", just a beautiful dream. The well-known red incubator network brokerage company nine fish media CEO Li Xu said in an interview, a monthly income of millions of anchor is an extreme case, anchor ordinary income water is rather large, which claimed that if more than 10 month anchor, are basically false.

the cruel reality lets Deng Lin realize, now more and more of the same host mode, new entrants have no ability and well-known anchor competition, but did not dare to go to the other room advertising Anchor Pull "platform control is very strict, if you go to the other room to pull people, the next can only be forced cancellation. "

Deng Lin had another way". November 2016, Deng Lin about a few female friends in their own hot pot shop opened a live broadcast.

in order to attract the attention of fans, she will be the name of the room to accompany you to eat hot pot". In the course of the broadcast, in addition to continue to greet the fans into the room, but also continue to push the lens to the front of their own specialty dishes, for the hot pot shop promotion. 2 hours of live, attracted hundreds of fans onlookers. More people have a message to consult the hot pot shop location.

now Deng Lin is no longer reluctant to sing and dance in the room, the traditional way of live. Fixed by 1 or 2 times a week, hot pot, hot pot shop every month, she has a steady flow of customers from the network from the diversion, which means that the hot pot shop will be more than $eight thousand or nine thousand a month to income.

[leave the month]

peak time into eight thousand, must be a bit of a "color"

domestic practitioners in the anchor, Zhang Yue is regarded as a "senior"". In 2012 9158, a video streaming website with beauty economy singing all the way, to reach 1 billion yuan in annual revenue for the first time, Zhang Yuezheng is one.

a few years ago, the network has not been widely accepted by the outside world, due to the sweet appearance, Zhang quickly in the 9158 platform popular. Less than 1 months time, the number of fans soared to 200 thousand, the peak, received about seven thousand or eight thousand yuan a day.


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