Hu Gang: to be determined to do more than Trump's face"

Trump face trade return

meirijingjixinwen· 2017-02-08 08:18:25

BlueCrest Asset Management Co fund manager Hu Gang in 2017, the Wall Street informative New York spring meeting, on the influence of Trump's "face" on the investment environment, impact on Britain and the situation in the Taiwan Strait Chinese back in Europe expressed their views.

2 4 July, the Wall Street informative work should believe wealth in New York, held in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel market, Trump 2017 macro policy and global asset allocation as the theme of the spring meeting, the Asset Management Co BlueCrest fund manager Hu Gang said that the next two years, the market transaction should firmly do Trump's face".

Hu's speech with an anecdote of Trump opening. He said that in the course of the election, the media had disclosed a record of Trump does not respect women. Trump said in the recording, he will always be attracted to a beautiful woman, and could not help but kiss them up. "He also said," I'd better eat a few pieces of Tic Tac sugar, to prevent you may kiss her. "In so offensive to women of the occasion, Trump still did not forget his own image, which shows how he valued his face". After Trump was elected, promises launched the border wall construction plan. Hu Gang believes that this is an example of the importance of face Trump.

therefore, in Trump's face was challenged, Hu Gang believes that should be determined to do more than the face of the "face" of the "face" of the "face" of the "face" of the face of the challenge".

Hu said that since the election of Trump, the structural changes in the macro market, the U.S. market for the first time from the feedback market into a non feedback market". In the non - feedback market, the policy may be shaken by the market, but will not be around the market. This structural change in the macro trading, the formation of a number of trading opportunities, and Trump is to pay for these opportunities.

talked about the global asset allocation, Hu Gang pointed out that within the next two years, the world's best asset is the UK assets, the worst asset is Taiwan assets. There are two main concerns about the

market in the UK, that is, the political position and the future trade pattern after the British withdrawal from europe. Hu Gang said, in fact, the negotiations between Britain and the EU may be completed at an unimaginable speed. As long as China and the United States are not "embarrassed" the United Kingdom, is willing to negotiate in the United Kingdom and the European Union, to maintain the existing pattern of trade, the negotiations between Britain and the EU will naturally be much smoother.

Trump came to power to increase the uncertainty of the U.S. market, and the same as the English speaking countries, British assets in Europe has dropped by more than 10%. Hu Gang believes that the original flow of funds to the United States is likely to turn to the UK, so that the UK has become a bright spot in the global asset allocation in 2017.

on the other hand, Hu said the analysis, Trump and Cai Yingwen on the phone, Taiwan assets is likely to make life miserable. If Trump continue to face close to Taiwan, or even recognize the independence of Taiwan, the mainland may take tough measures at any time, then not only between Taiwan and the United States military trade will be affected, Taiwan exports of other products will be greatly restricted, Taiwan assets inevitably fell across the board.

Hu just use an analogy concluded that Taiwan is like a restaurant, the two powerful forces are in the restaurant business, who will go to the restaurant to buy stocks?

Hu is currently BlueCrest Asset Management Co's fund manager. BlueCrest is one of the highest returns last year, with offices in key financial centers around the world. Hu Gang has been the world's largest bond fund PIMCO fund manager.

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