Annual salary of 150 thousand, in Beijing can become a ghost?

Annual salary Beijing appearance credit card

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said that, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, average every 10 people have 7 local household registration (i.e. no outsiders), it also says that a number of migrant population a city with the city's economic development level is proportional to the. But the people living and working in Beijing, the surface was not so glamorous, after all, every one here to work hard for outsiders, there is a story of your own!

" in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, if you want to realize the true meaning of the deposit, at least three years. According to the summer of 2016, the national salary rankings, Beijing topped the list with 9240 yuan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou in the top 2, 3, 4. Looks like a monthly salary of thousands of very close, then eggs, after deduction of five social insurance and one housing fund and a tax on wages is 6924. If you pay at most in the hands and feet, hands also 7500 yuan.

look at the deep North of Guangzhou graduates starting salary, graduates to a Beijing, the average monthly salary of 5000 yuan. It's supposed to be a high salary, but it's not the case.

although you don't earn much money every month, but you spend more each month! Make ends meet almost every ordinary workers are normal, no one or two credit cards, did not dare to say he is to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen mix. From the price point of view, although the price is relatively low in Guangzhou, but the average lunch to 20 or more, not to mention the other three cities. Spend more than 1800 yuan a month on food and drink. Compared to 1800 yuan a month of meals and nearly 2500 yuan in rent, is just a drop in the bucket. Four cities in Shanghai, the most expensive rent, the cheapest one month in Guangzhou have to pay attention to, the wages of Guangzhou is the lowest in the four cities in the world, the city of. In

, where I am in Beijing for example, five away, is next to the subway, a single room rent is 1600 yuan per month, plus water, electricity, gas and heating costs, the north, the average monthly and extra spending at least 200 yuan. With clothes, shoes, daily necessities and other consumables and friends, watching movies and so on, at least 2000 yuan a month.

city developed, resources are more, in case of Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Joker concert fees, thousands of tickets, minutes for your negative assets. Look at those graduating students around, these expenditures and not because of your low wages, and to protect you.

high prices, high prices in the continuous exploitation of this group of people to contribute to the city GDP. For you, a monthly salary of over 10000, but 90% can not become their own fixed assets, you can laugh out?

in exchange for the opportunity to pay the price of time

high salary, the opportunity is to attract more and more people to enter the reasons for the North Canton deep, but overtime and road consumption time is also normal.

Guangzhou Shenzhen gathered a large number of companies, especially in the Internet industry and the financial industry, these industries are the legendary high paying industry, but also the real industry to work overtime. According to statistics, in Beijing there are nearly 30% workers working time more than the theory of "nine to five", the average working time in more than 2 hours, nearly 1/3 people can work on time.

according to the drops of travel data show that the longest mileage per capita work in Beijing, 19.2 km, followed by Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, the average will be shorter, respectively, 15.16 and 13.97. Overall, the average work in Beijing to 52 minutes, Shanghai to be about 51 minutes, the difference is not great, Guangzhou needs to be 46 minutes, Shenzhen had to be 40 minutes.

" work overload state, and every day in the travel time, has let the deep North of Guangzhou workers forget the night life like, almost home is sleep, even washing teeth have become a burden, as if the body hollowed out.

fled North Canton slogan, just for a round-trip ticket

why don't you leave?

does not want to leave, but has adapted to the life of the big city, accustomed to the convenience of large cities and human society. In the big city for a long time, it is difficult to get used to the hometown or small city of human society. The establishment of interpersonal relationships at home is often more complex and requires more cost and effort.

secondly, big cities are full of opportunities, competition is more fair, your efforts are always proportional to the return. In the North Canton, there will be competition, but also more intense, but these are the competition you can control, because you know everyone's opportunity is fair.

in the home or some of the following three or four lines of small cities, the competition is often not the ability to compete, but interpersonal competition. You have a relationship, there is the possibility of upper, and small cities can mention