Why are people going to the north of Guangzhou, the three or four line of the city has many rooms

A city rent housing prices

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is also the year the Spring Festival, every new year time, the most distinctive China is Chinese once a year the size of population migration, migration of billions of people in any country seems to be an unprecedented event, a member of Han brother nature is Chinese spring in the army, from their usual work the city returned home, Daniel will return to the identity from the two dog, there is a common phenomenon in the usual observation of the Spring Festival, let the author ponder.

in a big city like Shanghai, many young people are crowded in the narrow cramped room with high rent in the husband, the so-called old old, but in most of the county, there are real estate vacancy phenomenon is serious. Even the most population regression of the Spring Festival, in his home town of Han brother, or a large number of houses showing a vacant state. According to the most inaccurate statistical methods, the results of several days of light, these three or four lines may be the case of urban real estate is still not optimistic. However, we mainly discuss the topic today is, why so many vacant rooms, young people are still willing to stay in the big city? A large city, the concentration effect of

according to the standard theory of city economics, with the continuous development of the economy, the supply of human life will become more and more important, and the city as the center of population, the population concentrated demand has formed the scale, naturally makes life more convenient, this is the population agglomeration from the development of rural settlements become, from rural development become the basic logic of the town. Because a lot of things have become more convenient, for example, life must be water and electricity, broadband, if the population is very difficult to build rural areas. But in the city, all of this will become very simple, cheaper infrastructure, logistics, transportation are more developed. And the larger the city, the better its infrastructure, the higher the level of service is basically a consensus of china.

and the aggregation of the population directly will bring the industry agglomeration and aggregation job aggregation industry, creating jobs and income, and population to form a cycle, derived from the post and work more, for example, if you are not in the city, you need to eat a meal may have to walk 20 kilometers of the mountain, but in the city may be on your doorstep, more simple and even hungry, you can use the U.S. software to send home.

, however, with the increasing scale of the city, the city's population limit of accommodation is limited, more people can use the per capita public services in the city will be less, the population exceeded its carrying capacity level, and soon there will be a decline in quality of life of the population, the most simple case is that the population is too much, where need to queue up, traffic is very crowded, the rent prices, the cost of living rising, eventually make life more difficult, so people began to return. Some of the repeated

two, the population in the face of life, the cost of living in a second tier city rising, so many people put forward the idea of escape North Canton, but fled after they fled back, several times repeated down, the city China appeared two obvious polarization, the most obvious that is, a second tier city real estate price is very high, but people are in a continuous line, three or four line city house price is not high, but not what people buy.

why is that? We summed up why the population gathered before, and now we come to analyze why we are not willing to go:

is a big city with a large city life. Compared to the big city, small city life is very simple, even a look can end the way of life, which makes people have a feeling of suffocation, once the young people accustomed to the big city of diversified lifestyle, he is hard to adapt to the small city monotonous life. In theory, only a population of more than five million can be supported by a concert of western music as the main concert hall. Maybe in a big city for everyone to bar, nightclub, concert hall, museum, the exhibition hall is almost difficult to find in the small city of the luxury lifestyle, poor unbearable.

for the most simple example, when the 2008 financial crisis, a lot of work in the eastern coastal young people choose to return home, but after a period of time but have come back, the reason is actually very simple. Boys will say, in small cities, even my cell phone signal is not 4G, the girls will say, I can not even do a hair salon can not find. It is true that this way of life let us know more, perhaps not because of the small city is not good, but has a habit of life, can not be monotonous.

two is a big city with more possibilities. Because of population concentration, many industries and the resulting opportunity, someone once and Han brother said, in his home city, basically can choose the way of life is civil servants, teachers, individual businesses, may be searched for city to what decent business or shock

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