Pregnant women can eat shrimp

Pregnant women allergy pregnancy food

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pregnant women can eat shrimp

1, can be appropriate to eat shrimp

as everyone knows is the shrimp is a seafood for pregnant women, so the nutrients inside it is very rich, the taste is very delicious, for pregnant women can be appropriate to eat shrimp. Pregnant women need plenty of protein, protein is the basic substance of life, however, the shrimp are rich in protein, pregnant women can eat shrimp protein effectively, protect the cardiovascular system of shrimp can regulate the cardiovascular system, increase blood flow, promote heart beating. The nutrients in the shrimp can well regulate the cardiovascular system.

2, pregnant women eat shrimp should pay attention to the right amount of

for pregnant women can be appropriate to eat shrimp. But must be appropriate, if too much to eat shrimp, give us the body will cause some pressure is not conducive to the healthy development of pregnant women themselves and the fetus. So pregnant women can eat shrimp but must be appropriate. No matter what to eat, should not overdo sth., don't eat too much, also never eat raw, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. There was no allergic reaction. If you are allergic to shrimp and other seafood products, it is not suitable to eat shrimp.

3, pregnant women eat shrimp to be cooked to get nutrients

in shrimp is very strong, so we try to do at home and enjoy cooking, it is natural, is the best for our body and the fetus. There are a lot of foods that can't be eaten during pregnancy. So we must take care of the mouth of the fetus. Pregnant mothers also need to pay attention to eat and not eat shrimp containing tannic acid said, such as grapes, pomegranates, persimmons, eat will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Recommended interval of 2 hours.

for pregnant women to eat shrimp is

1, which is suitable for pregnant women to eat shrimp is Sauteed Shelled Shrimp

will wash shrimp, egg white, starch, salt and mix well. Wash the cucumber and canned bamboo shoots together into a lozenge; carrots peeled and cut into small pieces, scalded with boiling water. Heat wok, add peanut oil, till the 30% heat, add shrimp, stir fry a few, remove oil. Another pot, pour sesame oil to burn to 50% into heat, bamboo shoots, carrot, cucumber slices, stir fry and remove oil original heat wok, pour sesame oil 60% hot, put onion ginger stir fried flavor, add shrimp, vegetables and seasonings, stir well after Zhuangpan can.

2, for pregnant women to eat shrimp is fresh shrimp meat porridge

will lean clean slices into the bowl, add sesame oil and a little salt for a while. The shrimp head and shell to clean, shrimp meat can be cut into rice shaped pieces. Take the Chinese cabbage leaves washed and cut into rice shaped pieces. Panning clean, into a pot of boiling water, continue to boil, add the meat. Boil again after the meat picked up chop minced meat and then put on the pot boil. Put the boiled shrimp, salt, ginger, small fire boil congee, add cabbage and cook for 2 minutes, pour some sesame oil. Remove food.

3, for pregnant women to eat shrimp is steamed shrimp

prawns, Duoqu feet, to be peeled removal of sandbags, sand line and shrimp brain, cut into 4 pieces; choose clean cut onions; ginger wash slice in half, half of the mince. Will be placed in the tray of shrimp, add cooking wine, MSG, onions, ginger, pepper and soup, cage steam about 10 minutes out, picking onions, ginger, pepper, then dish. With vinegar, soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil into the juice, for dip. Prawn sizes, and therefore the number of segments should be based on the shrimp depends on the size of.

" pregnant women should pay attention to what to eat shrimp

1, pregnant women should pay attention to the best time to eat shrimp

in early pregnancy is the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women eat shrimp without any adverse effect on the baby, pregnant women eat shrimp can protect the cardiovascular system is good. From the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus to skeletal development, when pregnant women should pay attention to calcium. The shrimp contains a high calcium, especially the efficacy of calcium supplementation for pregnant women to eat shrimp. Shrimp can promote the growth of fetal bone.

2, pregnant women should pay attention to eating shrimp method

shrimp are cold negative food, so the food is best with ginger, vinegar and other seasonings together edible. Because of the heat and ginger, shrimp together and cold, prevent the body discomfort; for harmful bacteria in shrimp and vinegar residue also plays a certain role in killing.

3, pregnant mothers should pay attention to whether the shrimp allergen

in order to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions, pregnant mothers can be allergy test before pregnancy, during pregnancy can effectively avoid this will lead to their food allergies.

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