On the northeast net red: a monthly income of 300 thousand

Monthly income net profit the unemployment rate in the northeast.

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in September last year, Luo Zhenyu in the "potential" to create the ShenZhen Railway Station in a speech, a little brother to state curious and impressive, this is below the Yingke distribution map.

map can clearly see that the three northeastern provinces of the top, accounting for up to 30.1% of the total of up to three. There is no doubt that the Northeast anchor has successfully occupied the main battlefield of live, in addition, ten network anchor micro-blog 2016 "super Reds Festival" vote in the 6 is the northeast. in the star field, northeast anchor is Dan Zhao Benshan high, micro-blog has repeatedly reflected in the live off the daughter in the contest for its "Zhao Jiaban" is also very active in each broadcast platform.

" this year the Spring Festival opening, the public number "three sound" a "new year in the countryside for 5 days, I finally know why can quickly sweep 400 million Chinese" was launched after the rapid access to 10W+ reading.

so the question is, why can the Northeast anchor live broadcast platform? Some of you think completely out of the elegant performance, why can do amazing earning 300 thousand? Why is


and the three tones of the article, the author mainly to various types of northeast anchor for the protagonist, tells himself from years ago to years later, for a week in rural real quick vertical users, finally understand quickly typical users of this live favorite products. In this paper,

said, the northeast people quickly ruled not hearsay, the ranking of big red net quickly from the first Reds list to twentieth Wu Di MC God bless the prodigal son, more than half of all people in the northeast. When the screen becomes the mainstream entertainment of the masses, mingled with the ugly and soft porn went from town to town's performance gradually fade out life channeling a memory, just let them quickly revitalized.

"with this logic again to observe a few popular popular content quickly, it seems that all considered" low "content is the popular duet Errenzhuan, and various holidays to see a upgraded version of the content of the body is the focus of the crowd quickly the most popular content through numerous users, then double-click that they lasted for so many years enduring charm.

this shows that the Northeast anchor became the main reason for the live broadcast of the main reasons: the cultural output and sharing of the invisible demand. The content preference of Internet users in the new media environment. On the one hand, the grassroots rising in variety shows, social media platform, users have to catch up with the star potential love of red grass; on the other hand, users focus on the local culture of the unprecedented, dialect version of popular songs, talk shows, TV adaptation from poor voice.

1, from the point of view of language style, northeast anchor has a unique advantage. The taste has already penetrated people on both sides of the Changjiang River. For example, "oh my God" Laoke "what you look" and similar dialect, has become known to every family's pet phrase.

survey shows that the Northeast anchor hearty, sincere, eloquent and expressive features, they can rapidly become the most popular live ring anchor groups.

Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shenyang, especially the famous, the taste of the northeast dialect identification is greatly improved. In addition, the northeast dialect is not only easy to understand, but also affinity, fun, humor. Often a round of dialogue, can make people feel warm, smile. This is why

, "country love 9" is the beginning of the five month only 22 hours in the Tencent after the video on-line, playback volume exceeded 200 million times. the audience with a smile, nothing in the world is what a "country love" can not solve. They enjoy this, and claimed that this drama shows the whole Chinese society, "there is no other drama so vivid display of contemporary Chinese interpersonal magnetic field...... who can portray the countryside, who will show China," country love "did it. "

in January 24th this year in the morning, Zhao Benshan disciple quiet studio, sang the" crescent moon ", and they connect to the network, and start chatting in front of 22 civilink friends.

with Zhao Benshan himself trying to live, and thus brought huge traffic, the media has finally decided to enter this field. So, in the world of live broadcast, a new Guild set up the Liu Laogen association. According to the

Chinese youth network statistics, as of October 3, 2016, according to the media's more than 80% artists have opened the broadcast, mainly concentrated in the YY voice, reflecting the guest, pepper, a live broadcast platform. "Liu Laogen" guild also continues to recruit new anchor, enter the live artists signed to Baotuan form, which is part of the anchor with "Zhao Benshan apprentice" symbol, will undoubtedly bring a lot of popularity to the broadcast industry in Northeast china.

2, from the point of view of the , the Northeast anchor so popular is also Ying Ying off that AD: "you ugly you first sleep, I'm beautiful I live. Harbin for three consecutive years ranked the top ten beauty China City, Dalian is also the famous beauty in this area, and

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