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2" on Sept. 5, Muji official WeChat released the latest discount information, involving shirt, windbreaker, sofa, quilt, quilt lamp series products. At the same time discount promotions, Muji also continued to depreciate in the Chinese market, price adjustment. January 19th, Muji announced a new round of price cuts in the country, which is Muji sixth price reduction since 2014. A sustained slowdown in brand obsessed with discounts is behind the performance, according to the parent company, Muji yield plan released the latest 2016 three quarter report shows that the brand can only increase 0.8% than sales in Chinese, two fiscal 2016 first quarter growth rate of only around 5%. In fact, performance slowdown signs began to appear in 2015, the four quarter of 2015 Chinese market the same store sales growth is from the same year in the first quarter of 38.6% fell to 9.7%. Analysts pointed out that compared with other fast fashion brands, Muji in consumer groups, product prices do not have the advantage. For now, the price alone is obviously difficult to save the Muji performance decline.

continuous price

1 19 Muji in its official release of the new WeChat account pricing information, January 20th -2 month 2 days, to cut prices of some products, mainly involving Home Furnishing products, including sofa, quilt, feather quilt, slipper, the price range from 5%-20%. One of the original 200 yuan neck pillow new price is 160 yuan, a decrease of 20%. It is reported that Muji sixth price adjustment since 2014.

Muji (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd., director and general manager Yamamoto Naomiyuki said earlier that in 2017 Muji will continue to release 295 new pricing, price cuts will reach 14%.

in fact, Muji price cuts since 2014 to test the water. In October of that year, Muji on 107 different categories of commodity prices, the price reduction of 17.5%. Since then, in January 2015, August have cut prices.

2016, Muji has conducted two times the price, in January of that year, the life of grocery products average price reduction of 21%, involving 256 products; in August of the same year, Muji again by 330 categories of commodity prices, the average reduction rate reached 20%.

Muji (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. to promote Propaganda Department staff told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, after several rounds of new pricing, the Chinese market, the price of clothing goods has been basically flat with japan. According to the results of

from Muji parent company corporation yield program reported the first three quarters of 2016, MUJI Chinese sales recorded 38 billion 659 million yen, about 2 billion 201 million 500 thousand yuan, the three quarter of 2016 comparable sales only grew by 0.8%, while the previous quarter and two quarter growth respectively. 4.7% and 5.4%. In addition, the data also show that in 2015 Muji market in China in the 4 quarter of the same store sales growth rate was 38.6%, 22.6%, 15.9%, 9.7%, slowing down significantly, and in the first quarter of 2016 has dropped to single digits.

paixao dress collocation Dean Kang Lanxin said, Muji results can be seen in some brands in China continued to cause the price. Compared with other fast fashion, Muji did not hit the fastest and imitate big design, but respected quality of life. It is also this strategy to make its sales price is much higher than other similar products.

however, for price reasons, Yamamoto Naomiyuki denied the claim and boost sales, said: "our goal is not to discount to attract customers, but eventually put the price down, so that we can use the excellent price to buy our products. MUJI staff in an interview with the Beijing Business Daily reporter also said that the brand's new pricing campaign is mainly for customer feedback.

Muji prices in China has long been criticized. In addition, to reduce the expansion of stores in the country, there is also a bottleneck commodity attraction. Some analysts pointed out that the price can stimulate Muji sales, but in the long run to save the Muji performance decline, the price strategy is attractive to consumers are falling.

trap price circle

Beijing Daily reporter was informed that MUJI products in China and the Japanese price difference is larger. For example, a wall mounted CD player in Japan's official website display price is 13 thousand and 500 yen, about 830 yuan, but this product in the MUJI Tmall flagship store price is 1080 yuan, remarkable difference.

Kang orchid pointed out that when Chinese called the "good" commodity is not rich, unique concept, shop design featured Muji for high-end consumer appeal. Currently, the market appeared a lot of high quality and low price, full of sense of design alternatives, such as the name of excellence products, Muji's gradual loss of competitive advantage; and in recent years, Muji product innovation, product design, the change is not big, erode its market space by rivals.

yet Muji pricing is continuing. In response to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, Muji said the ultimate goal of the brand is to bring down the price, the future of our price will be more and more big".

industry insiders expressed concern about the rapid price of the brand, the brand to attract consumption through price cuts

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