In the media exposure China sailors ship activities: World of Warcraft


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ship, is a ship carrying combat missions at sea. The sailors driving warships fighting the wind and waves, their attitude is protect our homes and defend our country, such as … …

ships, sailors at sea is home. Here in addition to intense training for war, there is a different attitude to life. The sailors on the ship of life, everyone is very curious? Xiao Bian today to satisfy everyone's curiosity, we live to the East China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment warships secret sailors aboard.



"Book 1000 bell millet, the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book". In the vast sea, the body receives storm baptism, thought of baptism and no less. The library is not large, placed together to build the city and the officers and men of their own accumulation of books. At the end of duty, came to the library, accompanied by the ups and downs of the waves, looking at the favorite books, such a pleasant enjoyment, most people really do not feel.

Laundry & drying room < / strong>

in the sea, is surrounded by water and sunshine. If it's on land, the Jedi are a good day for a big wash. But in the sea, washing clothes, washing clothes is really a trouble. Fortunately, technology changes life. On the ship, there are laundry and drying room, my mother no longer have to worry about my clean clothes.

vending machine on the land, what you want to go to the supermarket and buy a diamond, casually. But in the sea, in addition to feel powerless and frustrated, can only hope it? No, no, No. Now the ship also installed a vending machine, although less than the supermarket variety, but occasionally a treat or small case.

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WORD days in! Warships can actually play warcraft. Don't blame the small before really think there have little talent and less learning, so that the configuration of warships. Look at the small series think of a warship experience.

gym at sea riding whales and dived is not only technical, but also the individual life. How can a good physical fitness. If you think the ship narrow room, only doing sit ups, push ups, or run around the ship, then you too flex me a large navy ship. The ship but the gym, there are a lot of instruments, make "muscular" be nothing difficult.


a short to ten and a half months, half a year long period, if sick, in the village could not before, after the local shop, how to do? Do not worry, the ship has a clinic, a doctor, a drug. The doctor said: you are sick, I have medicine, not afraid.

studio in the wind rain sound waves, hears; family affairs and the world concerned about everything. Don't think you from ships at sea, a small radio room every day to give you home timesthat instant knowledge of global information.

is in charge of the whole kitchen where the soldiers' gastronomy". After the duty, came here to help in the kitchen, personally fried a few good dishes, to the officers and men are also excellent for a change.

Navy officers and soldiers to the ship for home, such a warm configuration, so that the warships and the home is nothing like the two kind of", "content_img_p". In the ship, leading comrades are parents, brothers, "one family" door guard at sea, what is fear!

" in the East China Sea Fleet Department released the original, reproduced please source

producer stated: Party Lihua Dai Zong Feng

editor: Shen Yinxiang Xu Shuangxin Sihang

Author: Jiang Min Li Changshun Liu Weitai

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In the media exposure China sailors ship activities: World of Warcraft


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