Rocket army Okinawa express in the end how much?

Rocket missile daughter overtime

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China rocket forces during the Spring Festival holiday to the National People's readiness exercises, have peace of mind; but the normal development of military China has been pegged to the U.S. media and not calm. This time, they exclaimed "a new missile threat to U.S. bases in Japan unveiled Chinese rocket in the exercise, even said China has prepared a pre emptive strike. But is this really the case?

in the "Asia today" program video

Dongfeng -16 missile rocket unveiled a missile brigade in the Spring Festival "overtime"

2 month 6 days, in an article entitled "Chinese new missile exercises" appeared in the article, the American media attention again China rocket forces. The Associated Press reported that China is a highly accurate ballistic missiles in the Rockets' recent exercises in the debut of — — this missile is sufficient to threaten Japan and the United States military bases in asia".

U.S. media said the "sophisticated missile" is already the reputation of the Dongfeng -16 missile — — China in the middle of the majority of users, it has a vivid nickname: "Okinawa express"; this exercise and The Associated Press actually refers to the Rockets in a missile brigade in the combat duty during the Spring Festival this year. According to earlier official reports, the Spring Festival holiday, there is an emergency command of the assembly, issued to the various preparations for the missile brigade on duty to prepare troops; the head of the first time to make decisions, and ordered the orderly rally of the officers and men of the missile.

"Dongfeng" series of missile type many, the U.S. media would be so concerned about why Dongfeng -16? In accordance with the The Associated Press's argument, because plays a very special role in the &mdash Arsenal China forces the missile; — that is the "first island chain cover".

" coincidentally, on the same day, the U.S. Navy submarine officer and intelligence expert Thomas · Shugart in the United States military professional website published an article that, at this stage of the United States in the Asia Pacific important interests of the largest military threat is not China aircraft carrier, but Chinese missile forces for the military base of increasing combat capability.

the American expert is said that satellite images from the shooting in recent years can be judged, China in the interior of the base has been built to simulate the U. s.military base facility in — — simulation objects including Kadena air base runway and apron, and Yokosuka naval aircraft carriers and aegis destroyer berths. This shows that China has developed a pre emptive strike against the u.s..

foreign media on the development of naval and air forces Chinese carrier AWACS?

is the only rocket army, every step in the western media pay close attention to the development of China naval and air forces. These two days, the first exposure of foreign media suspected of fixed wing aircraft warning aircraft in China, but also the focus of the air force is said to exceed the similar equipment in the western missile.

"British Jane's Defence Weekly" reported that the latest pictures show, China may have produced fixed wing AEW aircraft carrier based version of the model. However, China's Ministry of defense and the navy has yet to respond. Chinese's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship and the first domestic aircraft carrier is the use of ski jump deck, and therefore are not equipped with fixed wing aircraft; the British media on the basis of it, this is proof that China will use third aircraft carrier catapult. Jane's at the same time that the Chinese service has more mature early warning machine project, the development of Shipborne AWACS will allow future aircraft carrier combat China can emulate america. Abe Shinzo worked hard to prepare for the

Golf summit diplomacy

with U.S. President Trump personally said, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's long-awaited "Golf diplomacy" will be staged on the weekend. Before departure, Andouble officially started construction to replace the Futenma base, to the new occupant of the White House send gift; and more concern is still in the transition period of the US Japan military alliance, even to move constantly. On the surface of the forces behind the adjustment, in the end what implied intentions?

" in the Japanese media reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo visited before playing golf

according to the Japanese NHK television announced the itinerary, Andouble will be starting in February 9th, 10 days with Trump meeting in washington. 11, 2009, the two will go to Trump's private estate in Florida, which is now the winter white house". As for Abe and Trump will not be like the previous media reports, together with the air force one, has not yet finalized.

according to the "Japanese economic news" disclosure, Japan and the United States are still under discussion, arrangements for Mrs. Andouble Akimegumi and Andouble

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