Knight Island: mad China was so low?

The United States hawk knight Chinese

xiakedao· 2017-02-08 10:43:03

data figure: Matisse and Trump

familiar with the current affairs of the island friends all know, the new official debut, is always very interesting.

recently said, "mad dog" the new U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse visited South Korea and japan. Not surprisingly, mentioned in the talks, Sade problem, the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea issue, are related to china. This is not just Matisse, the coast guard ship to the Diaoyu Islands China cruise over there in a circle.

however, the Matisse's statement, "hawks" feel tough style is not obvious, which makes many people slightly disappointed". A Trump side kept Chinese provocation, the new secretary of defense to visit here but deliberately lowered to challenge Chinese tone. What's going on here?

as the saying goes, diplomacy is an extension of the internal affairs. Or from the inside.

bad mind

Trump came to power, China has a lot of discussions around its policy direction, some scholars have asserted that Trump is about to start". But what he wanted to say was that it was one thing he wanted to pursue, as a leader of the country, and what he was able to do. More importantly, for a country's leaders, power is always the basic premise of all work.

and in the current, access and consolidate power, is the first task of Trump.

Trump came to power after the situation, we can see: his cabinet has not yet been approved by Congress; his "three fire" triggered a strong reaction on the opposite side of the society; more importantly, from Trump in the immigration ban on such issues and traditional American political system (including administrative, judicial or legislative) the play, he was hit our old system "not inserted into the needle, water poured into the so-called" Decree No south lawn ", but" proposal on Capitol hill".

this case, Trump could (and seems to be) on a two party system "kicked the revolution" of the road.

there are a lot of people are very curious, Trump came to power, will not adhere to the "Twitter"? The answer is clear: "yes!"

it's not just a matter of public relations. What is the essence of "push the country"? The United States is to bypass the original publicity system (control and behind the political line), will be directly extended to the grassroots, with Chinese saying, this is to mobilize the masses. Only in the era of social media, gave Trump this possibility.

if the island friends can be recognized on the above analysis, the next question gives a lot of imagination: a great leader, think their country is heading in the wrong way, so to make a major change in ideology, administrative system, internal and external policies, but also facing the whole bureaucratic constraints, then he will do? There are many

answers, but certainly includes two parts: first, to mobilize the masses; second, rely on trusted. On the latter, Trump has made out a list of military, financial group, energy group, construction group … …

military and financial group since Needless to say, the Trump team has been referred to as "the Wall Street and the generals of the cabinet". The latter two in Trump's policy options are clearly ranked first, here are only two examples.

first, restart the oil pipeline project. After Trump took office, the first time to restart the keystone and the Dakota Two pipeline, the two pipeline total cost of more than tens of billions of dollars, after the completion of the Canadian oil from the central United States, one sent to Texas. This is not only the victory of the energy group, but also the victory of the construction group. And these two pipelines, it was suspended during the term of Obama.

second, "wall repair". The Mexican border wall construction cost is estimated at $450 billion. It would be a big cake for any builder. Trump is blackmailing Mexico to provide funding, even if this attempt failed, Trump is also likely to draw on other areas of the budget, fill this space.

and a good way to these two policy feedback or Trump supporters: two oil pipeline is located in central and southern United States, Kansas, Nebraska, involving the Dakota, Texas and other states, these places are also Trump's election victory. Two pipelines can add 28 thousand jobs in the middle of its political influence with much land and few people know. As for the Mexican border wall, almost half of its total length (which also means that nearly half of the project funds are in the territory of Texas). It can be seen that Trump is obviously preparing for the next four years.

of course, the Democrats have already seen through everything, they are strongly opposed to the two projects - the opposition and constraints, it is not just because of immigration or environmental protection "political correctness" factors, but also to stop after four years of Trump.

can be expected in the next period of time, Trump first to consolidate power, solve the "Decree No White House" problem. Since then, only to talk about the real implementation of its more macro internal and external policies.


understand Trump, you can talk about Matisse's trip to Korea and japan.

Matisse first arrived in korea. In the Han period, he confirmed that "a deployment Sade" system and in consultation with the ROK, the spring two military exercises. It's not over

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