7000 word summary!! Only a high school degree, I, how to join the Google?

Google high school education

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this is what an interesting personal experience in a senior high school student who through their own efforts to become Google Chrome designer, chastity style behind the wisdom of enlightenment is thoroughly dry cargo, some impetuous people, struggling to go and do not forget the early heart and the scenery along the way you.

from: Dong teacher in Silicon Valley (micro signal: donglaoshi-123 text; Https://medium.com/google-design/how-i-joined-google-9bdb2d8bcb60

original author: Sebastien Gabriel

I joined Google two years ago when many people want me to write an article about my experience and how I do.

I promised I will write but has yet to begin. Perhaps because I am more shy, perhaps because there is no time, maybe I just think, it is probably wrong to think that my experience is not so interesting.

I finally decided to face up to this promise to write.

long bread and

if you don't know me, I am 27 years old, was born in Paris, France, around a called lagny on the town. My life in the six years ago is spent in there and later moved to southern France to some cities in Toulon, hy (RES, Arles and Marseille life and learning.

now, I is Google Chrome browser chrome operating system and is a visual designer and lived in San Francisco.

style= learning

got social economy" high school degree in a ordinary Polytechnic Colleges for two years, and then later in a multimedia project management school and learn 3 years.

I wore suits that I don't want to wear this every day. I learned about project management and people management to find out what I really want to do is spend the whole day doing Photoshop, listening to Zimmer Hans and Tobin Amon's songs.

obtained a high school degree after five years, I gave up many other knowledge learning and fully indulge in the interface details of learning.

I said after learning, we summarize who I was:

I have a schedule, including a half an hour of the web page browsing, found page for inspiration to me, put their preservation, classification, followed by eight hours using Photoshop and illustrator to do visual design. Also, I am fluent in English, which is the key.

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